iCloud Will Store All Your Documents And Photos Across Any Device, Any App [WWDC 2011]



First up? Documents syncing with iCloud.

If you create a Pages document, it uploads and store in the cloud, then pushes live to all the devices you can run Pages on. That feature is live in Pages, Numbers and Keynote… it’s iWork grown up.

It’s a bit disappointing, in that you still need a native app to access all your documents. There also doesn’t appear to be any true cloud editing.

It’s all part of Apple’s attempt to get rid of the file system. As such, Apple’s releasing iCloud storage APIs, so any app can use them. It even works on Macs and PCs!

It works the same for Photos. “I take photos on any device, puts them in the camera roll, and then it’s uploaded to the cloud and downloaded to all of my devices, just waiting for me when I get home. In addition, I can import photos,” says Steve.

There’s nothing new to learn. You just access your Photo Stream by punching a button in Camera or Photos.app. On the Mac, it’s built into iPhoto. On the PC, it’s built into the Pictures folder. It even works on the Apple TV! The only problem is they only last for thirty days, which I don’t quite get.

Seems like we know what the North Carolina data facility was built for, don’t you think?

  • C++

    Now when the camera manufacturers add wifi capabilities that will automatically sync with iCloud so I don’t have to download images from my camera to my machines, I’ll be all over this.

  • gafstr

    Ok the pictures thing works like this.

    You take a picture on your iphone, it gets pushed to the “photo stream” in the cloud
    the cloud pushes it down to all your devices.

    If you took 8 pictures on day 1 and by day 30 you had taken 310 photos, on day 31 the 8 photos you took on day 1 would be deleted from the cloud photo stream leaving you with 302 photo’s, but it will always keep all of the photos in the stream on your PC/MAC. 

    For devices such as iPhone/iPod If you were to leave the photos and not move them into an event, it would keep the last 1000 photos on the device and as soon as you took picture 1001 it would delete the first photo you took off of the device, if at any time you want to take a photo out of the stream for safe keeping, just create an event for it.

  • Svo

    So  – do your photos still take up storage space on your PC/MAC?  Trying to determine if i still need and external hard drive for storage.

  • Svo

    So  – do your photos still take up storage space on your PC/MAC?  Trying to determine if i still need and external hard drive for storage.

  • gafstr

    Yeah, you still need space on your computer, as after 30 days the photos are purged from your iCloud account. The best way for you to look at photostream is instead of looking at it as online storage look at it more like automatic sync. It’s not going to matter to you that their in the cloud just that there’s a single iPhoto library across all devices, That’s the goal.

  • Dan

    yes, but you can’t create a document on your macbook and it automatically download and sync to your imac or vice versa… so it’s not that great.