What Do *You* See In Apple’s WWDC 2011 Invite? [Fun With Pareidolia!]



Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon that leads us to interpret a random image as somehow being informationally significant. It’s why you see Jesus in the char on the face of your morning slice of toast, and it’s why you see Kermit the Frog on Mars.

It’s also why several prominent Apple blogs think they see an S (if they squint) in Apple’s WWDC invite, heralding the arrival, perhaps, of an iPhone 4S. Or it could be a 5, proclaiming the announcement of iOS 5. If you really squint, it even looks a little like an ampersand!

Hey, this is fun. What do you see? As a little bit of pre-WWDC frivolity, tell us in the comments the wackiest thing you see in the pareidolia of the WWDC invite.

[via Razorian Fly]

  • rtruby

    It’s a mermaid holding a briefcase.

  • fitandcompanybeja

    looks like a 5 but it could be an s

  • James Kindred

    Oh, it’s a Schooner.

  • Daniel Middlecote

    if you really squint and get the right angle it looks like the twitter bird…

  • quietstorms

     I just see breasts.

  • Rocky Liu

    I see a rubber ducky

  • Gustavo Santana

    i see dead people

  • dushmis

    so may be iPhone 4S or/and iOS 5 ? :-s

  • JackSparrow

    I definitely see a bigger hole being burned in my wallet. 

  • Zlinx Wired

    Twitter bird…

  • Mlbailey1

    To all. I think you missed it. It’s a $

  • brownlee

    For the record: I see Rebecca Romijn as X-Men’s Mystique sinuously bending over to pleasure herself with her own mouth, but that’s just me.

  • tiresius

      Reminds me of the old joke about a patient visiting his psychiatrist.  The shrink was administering the Rohrshach ink blot test.  With each new image, the patient responses were something like: 

      “I see a man and a woman doing it doggie style.”
      “That’s  a couple having sex in a hammock.”
       “Wow!  Looks like Caligula was having a wild party”

    The shrink said, “You sure see sex in everything,” 
    and the patient answered,  “Me… you’re the one with all the dirty pictures.”

  • Ka

    iOS 5 or is it just a $ sign?

  • Blabla

    i see chuck norris kick a baby in space while he’s riding a giraf

  • wizard32843

    Wow I stared at it and fainted for about 10 minutes…

  • iMunas

    I see a grub on an apple :)

  • lil’ bozo

    (@ @)

  • Táyò Salako

    Meh u guys must be bored huh… 

  • Ed_Kel

    Does anyone know if WWDC will be covered via live feed like the iPad 2 keynote?

  • Mirko von Berner

    A ying-yang.

  • Jancey

    Oh, great…. An “S”.. Now I can’t see the vagina anymore!

  • Miguel A. Maldonado

    Hey! There is an apple in the pic!

  • Djlevans

    I looked at the image for a few seconds before I read the article, and I thought for sure it was about the Mickey head that’s clearly visible.  Jobs- largest Disney stock holder, way to drop the ball!

  • Davide Callegari

    I see Da Vinci painting the Gioconda

  • Joshua

    You dumb bastard.  It’s a sailboat! :p

  • mattster

    that’s hot

  • billmayor

    I see “666”.

  • johnbijl

    There’s also a “J” at the right side.

  • pfml07

    Definately an S for who gives a shit


    I see a 5…

  • CharliK

    Oh John you really need to get better sources. Ones that could tell you that Apple dropping the whole G and S caca from the iphone names. The next phone is merely named iphone 5 and THAT is what the 5 in the invite means. 

    See they are really going to talk about the iphone 5 hardware at WWDC. They just wanted to make folks think they weren’t so no one would be out trying to hunt down employees that might have a prototype like last year. 

    However, it won’t be out until October due to the component factories in Japan being destroyed in the earthquake. 

    (Actually I am talking out of my arse like most bloggers but it sounds good doesn’t it)

  • Luke

    i see a bunch of application icons

  • Arham Maher

    i see a red dot… :S

    oh wait, thats my dead pixel playing hide and seek again!

  • Max

    to me it looks like a &

  • Lasuite218

    It a 4.  If you look to the right of that image there is something that looks like a G there.

  • Applegeek

    A schooner IS a sailboat stupid head!

  • John Howell

    I saw $