Watch Steve Jobs Describe iCloud Back In 1997 [Video]



Here’s a fascinating description of the iCloud/Time Capsule remote computing system Apple may reveal on Monday described by Steve Jobs himself — back in 1997.

“I have computers at Apple, at NeXT, at Pixar and at home. I walk up to any of them and log in as myself, it goes over the network and finds my home directory on the server and… I’ve got my stuff wherever I am…”

“…we were able to take all of our personal data, our home directories we call them, off of our local machines and put them on a server, and the software made that completely transparent…”

“…so in the last seven years, do you know how many times I have lost any personal data? Zero. Do you know how many times I have backed up my computer? Zero.”

Via MyService and MacRumors.

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43 responses to “Watch Steve Jobs Describe iCloud Back In 1997 [Video]”

  1. Philip Nielsen says:

    Anybody who knows where in the video it is?

  2. Darryl Oliver says:

    Even more interesting are the comments regarding Microsoft about 30 minutes in — especially given the recent development regarding Apple’s market value eclipsing the combined value of Microsoft and Intel.

  3. Darryl Oliver says:

    @Philip, the networking comments begin around 14:00, and the attributed quotes can be found around 16:00.

  4. cheesy11 says:

    the future was made yesterday

  5. John M. says:

    What a man, what a vision and that 14 years ago !

  6. Simon Strandgaard says:

    Wow, so many things have come true since then. Amazing. Spot on.

  7. mahimahimahi says:

    At 1:02:50 steve jobs begins to explain why he started the iPhone. It is kinda funny. This whole speech is full of interesting tidbits.

  8. Chris says:

    And 10 years he had to wait to realize that … imagine the patience  :-)

  9. Ajfromla says:

    I think Sun Microsystems was already doing this way back then. I recall presentations by tech guys who were using a system just like Jobs described.

  10. ElVox says:

    Remote home directories is an old UNIX thing…we do it with NFS/NIS or NFS/LDAP and it works wonderfully, even over internet (if your connection is good enough…if you lose the NFS link, all hell breaks lose on your workstation).

    As for the rest…Jobs is a genious :)

  11. Bubbles says:

    Yeah, well NFS has been around a long time but how come nobody has successfully brought it to the masses like Apple is about to do? Oh, and by the way, Sun Microsystems ceases to exist today because their engineers screwed up on managing the company and couldn’t adapt. 

  12. Bubbles says:

    Yeah, that’s nice fine and dandy but Sun Microsystems ceases to exist as a going concern (in other words, they died). Apple lives on. 

  13. Greg_in_Dallas says:

    Engineers are engineers not business people.  The roadside is littered with superior technology because the customer, whether commercial, military, or consumer, did not understand the benefits.  Steve is successful because he views products from the end user’s point of view and he understands that he can not do everything.  He is not a genius but he can articulate his point with confidents and challenge people.  I enjoyed the video.

  14. Castano R says:

    The main description starts at 13:30 and ends at approximately 18:30.

  15. Tom says:

    he was probably really describing Home on iPod:

  16. Darryl Thompson says:

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  17. Trackman64 says:

    38:19 discusses complex workflows like Automator built in to Mac OS X. Before Apple even built such, as Steve doesn’t even think the same thought as the guy.
    Very amazing to watch how much was discussed here that has since come to pass.

  18. Janne says:

    Of course they were, as were other UNIX-vendors. And Steve Jobs and NeXT were using it as well. Jobs isn’t telling that “wouldn’t it be cool if we had something like this?”, he’s telling what he’s using at that very moment.

  19. Les Surdykowski says:

    Talk about patience! It’s almost zen-like.

  20. Teknisyan says:

    Nice… it’s almost like… they have all this things planned out for the next 10 to 15 years!

  21. Shai Vure says:

    At around 18:55 he talks about being totally vertically integrated. “Apple controls the marketing and distribution” Then backtracks on distribution.

    Did he let slip on the Apple Stores 4 years before they opened?

  22. AndrewE says:

    Sounds like Onlive- except for everything else at 15 min

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