What Is Steve Jobs Announcing Monday? Here’s The Scoop About iCloud & Time Capsules [Exclusive]



Apple has already revealed that Steve Jobs will talk about iCloud, iOS 5 and OS X Lion during his WWDC keynote on Monday morning.

In addition, it’s rumored that Apple’s wireless Time Capsule backup/router will get a big update.

Here’s how iCloud and the new Time Capsule will work, according to a source close to the company who asked not be identified. It’s pretty surprising:

According to the source, Apple has developed a system to make users’ Time Machine backups available through its new iCloud service.

This is the “Home Folder” access concept that we’ve detailed before (how it will be accessed using NFC iPhones and the role of the Mac App Store). All your files and data — pictures, videos, Word and Excel documents, and so on — will be available anytime, anywhere, on both Mac OS X and iOS devices.

The surprising thing is, iCloud won’t be fed through Apple’s massive new data center in North Carolina, as you might expect.

Instead, the system will be based on Time Capsule, Apple’s wireless router and hard drive backup that’s currently sold in 1TB and 2TB versions. As rumored, Time Capsule will be updated, becoming less of a local backup and more of a personal cloud server, like the newer souped-up NAS (Network Attached Storage) drives from companies like Iomega (we reviewed one here). The new Time Capsule is rumored to run on iOS and come with embedded A4 or A5 CPUs.

Our source didn’t have any information about the hardware, but detailed how the Home Folder access system works. Files saved on your computer are backed up instantly to Time Capsule, which makes them available to remote Macs and iOS devices.

If you make any changes on any computer, those changes are updated through iCloud and stored on your Time Capsule. The Time Capsule archives and serves up your files even when your computers are off. When you get home and fire up your desktop computer or laptop, the files are automatically synced across your devices.

This service will also allow you to upload photos and videos from your iPhone or iPad to your Time Capsule. The media will be stored on the device and be made available for other devices to sync. iCloud is the “conduit” through which everything moves, the source said.

“Your computer gets backed up to Time Capsule anyways,” said the source. “Now it’ll serve up your content when you want it, where you want it, right there on your iOS device.”

The system sounds like Dropbox, the web-based file-hosting system that’s won accolades for simplicity and ease of use. But in Apple’s case, your personal cloud will be maintained not on company servers, but on your own Time Capsule.

Why isn’t Apple using its massive new data center? This part is not clear. It may just be a way to sell more hardware. Apple is a hardware company after all.

Or perhaps Apple feels that consumers will happier if they are in control of their own data. Maybe users don’t trust Apple (or any other company) to host their most important files, especially after years of spotty service from MobileMe. Or there could be other reasons, perhaps legal, that are skirted when users are responsible for their own data.

Our source says the system is fully baked and is “what’s next in line” — but stopped short of saying this is what Jobs will reveal at the Worldwide Developer’s Conference on Monday.

The source said it will be added to future versions of OS X and iOS — but they didn’t know which versions of OS X and iOS. There appears to be no sign of it in beta releases of Lion, which has been available to developers for months. Apple has kept iOS 5 under tight wraps, and it may be ready for this system.

UPDATE: Actually, it looks like the technology is already built into Lion. The Auto Save, Versions and Resume features in Lion look an awful lot like a smart file-management system designed for the cloud, resembling the way iOS and Google Docs save and manage multiple versions of documents. In addition, Time Machine in Lion is tightly integrated with Versions, making it more of a realtime backup system. “… [Versions] also appears to be used to make Time Machine much faster to open, as the Time Machine user interface can now access local snapshots take between remote backups, a sort of ‘instant Time Machine.'” See AppleInsider: Inside Mac OS X 10.7 Lion: Auto Save, File Versions and Time Machine

“This is what I heard that they have ready to go,” the source said. “This is what’s next in line. Word is, it’s a pretty finished piece.”

Given the source’s confidence in the completeness of the system, we’re willing to go out on a limb and bet this is what Jobs will reveal on Monday.

Airport Express — More Processing Power

In addition, our source said Apple’s Airport Express portable WiFi router is also getting an update. Specifically, it’s getting more processing power. The source didn’t know why. AirPort Express is also rumored to be getting an update next week, largely because Apple’s stores have run out of supplies.

The source didn’t shed any light on other rumors surrounding iCloud, such as it will include an online music locker or cost $25 a year.

However, they did pour cold water on the rumor that Time Capsules will download and store iOS updates in the background.

“I haven’t heard anything about a Time Capsule holding iOS updates,” they said. “Honestly, that rumor sounds incredibly stupid. Why would a Time Capsule need to store an update to deliver to your phone when it can be downloaded live?”

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  • Leebomail

    They expect people to pay the best part of £400 for this? I just don’t believe they would see a massive take up of it at that price. Even half that price it’d be a push.

  • Anon Developer

    I like the idea of this ‘home hub’. seems obvious.

    For the price they charge for 2gig, it wouldn’t damage their margins to add a 1$ processor , intelligence and ram. They could keep it small by kiilling the router –  most have that already with a modem combi, no?

    As for true cloud backup, i guess ill carry on using Carbonite. I’m not quite sure how storing people’s harddrive content benefits Apple, to be honest. The music – and ultimately video, fair enough. But files? Is that really a service they’ll make much money on and what to get in to?

  • akapu

    This is disappointment and fail. I love apple, dont get me wrong. But you have to buy a hardware? Thats too bad. But why do they have to make contract with music lebels to provide this service? I really do not think iCloud is all about this. There will be more about apples massive data centre… Finger crossed…

  • Thomas sutton

    This would also tie in with the recent iwork updates as well seeing as you can now have word files on both types of ios device. So if apple doesn’t do this i think they will do some sort of file sharing between devices, Mac and ios.  

  • iGuido85

    About the time capsule. Maybe the time capsule can fetch OSX update for like 95%.. hidden in the ios. When apple puts the osx update online, the only thing you need to do is downloading the last 5%. This could be a massive reduction of bandwidth at the same time for Apple.

  • Chris Wong

    Perhaps Time Capsules will integrate with Thunderbolt? That would make a backup super-fast.

  • AustinMalherbe

    This doesn’t make much sense to me, as Apple has been pretty up front to the fact that WWDC is going to be about software not hardware this year. Besides that if I have to go out and buy a new Time Capsule I’ll just stick with my Google and Amazon cloud. Let’s hope this source is wrong or that they are just a little off on how it will all work.   

  • Fcs132

    i agree, i think the hardware part of iCloud will be a feature, and is optional

  • Fcs132

    Possibly, nowadays apple is integrating thunderbolt to everything, im surprised the iPad and the iPhone dont have a thunderbolt port, but they will, well atleast the iPad

  • Fcs132

    Yea, Hopefully, sources aren’t 100% correct, a “source” predicted that the ipad would be smaller, and would have 2 dock connectors, 

  • George

    yeah go ahead and be disappointed before something is even announced. this is just a rumor and incomplete. you might be able to do both even.

  • I?o? Morillo

    to me it seems obvious that besides the confirmed Lion, iOS 5 and iCloud… iTunes 11 will be a sure thing.

  • Neil

    Wonder if this will have any role in the living room?  If time machine becomes a NAS that serves up any file and delivers it to an iOS or OSX device, will they crack open the Apple TV to apps and make it part of the fun too?

  • Macography

    In my opinion what Apple is trying to do is a private + public cloud. One of the many reasons is that a fully public cloud solution a-la-Google cannot achieve an acceptable level of usability if you want to introduce OTA iOS updates and so forth. Broadband speed is still a bottleneck for what Apple might have in store for its customers. I wrote about this last Friday http://bit.ly/iB0fyW

  • Dickusmagnus

    We will see tomorrow, but this cloud-local combination might be the solution to the sync and storage problem that is growing for an increased number of iOS/ OS users. Apple’s time capsule is now vastly overpriced at up to 500 bucks for a 2 TB unit. MobileMe needs reliability work.
    If Jobs can get the prices of Time Capsule and annual remote server rental down to reasonable numbers this should be a big hit. I can see paying three hundred bucks for a 3 TB time capsule unit and about 50 bucks a year for a reliable and easy to use cloud storage and sync connection. Probably won’t happen.

  • John M.

    I bet the new time capsule will be like the Apple TV. No harddisk but all streaming and they will sell for $ 99.

  • prof_peabody

    This sounds like pure BS to me.  Someone has been pulling this author’s leg (again).  

    easy flaws: 

    – Time Capsule doesn’t back up “instantly”
    – Not everyone has a Time Capsule (in fact the vast majority don’t)
    – Time Capsule is whole machine backup, many gigabytes of unnecessary stuff besides files. 
    – takes more than a *week* to send a single time Capsule backup to the cloud.  

    Also, how does this “sound like Drop Box”?? It’s nothing at all like Drop Box.  

    This is possibly a *garbled* version of *part* of what will be revealed but it won’t work the way it’s described here and doesn’t make much sense.  

    This will be a huge disappointment if this is all they offer.  Most are looking for mobile device backup and sync, which is a strategic move, not this. 

    Lastly, this rumour seems tuned to yesterday’s rumour about the “back up your desktop to the cloud and download it to a machine wherever you are,” stuff.  That’s not only pie in the sky, this system won’t work for that, at least not the way it’s designed.  This system as described, would only help two identical desktops keep in *sync* (where the minor changes are propagated through the internet between the Time Capsules).  

    Unless the laws of physics changed, there is no way an entire user folder of any decent size can be instantly downloaded to a different computer.  Even if the image was stored locally on the second computer’s Time Capsule it would still take 30 minutes or so to transfer and if they have a media library like mine we are talking several hours.  If it’s coming through the Internet, it ain’t going to happen at all.  

  • akapu

    have you read my comment? I said if this is iCloud it will be fail. But I think iCloud will not be just this… Because Apple is not stupid.

  • quietstorms

    I agree. Why is the Time Capsule even necessary if this solution is true? This is a feature that could just be built into Lion for any Mac. You would just need to leave your computer on. It’s a waste of $400.

  • Andrew


    This just makes perfect sense. Why didn’t I think of it before? Solves so many problems :

    – having your data on Apples data Center scares me. I like to be in control of it and also have fast access. Don’t want to be reliant on my Internet connection. Having it on a time capsule in my home means it’s on the LAN – nice and fast.
    – air play is great – but you have to have iTunes running on a computer that is logged in. I reckon this will solve this problem (a problem made ever since the first generation Apple TV with the hard disc was put to bed.


    Well done Apple – you’ve done it again.

  • gafstr

    They dont back up instantly but, that might change?
    I have one but like you say, not everyone has a time capsule.. do you think apple would like to change that?
    There might be unecessary stuff but you never see that when your in “time machine” i’m sure they can do the same for your iphone.
    You wouldn’t need to send it to the cloud your icloud account lets you access the data stored on your time capsule, basically the account lets you access the right drive but the data isn’t sent through apple at all meaning less cost for them.

    I think your missing the point, you dont need to redownload anything if its stored on a time capsule you access the time capsule, changes from loging into the icloud service are saved.. on the time machine directly, the only time u need to download anything is if you make a change through the icloud web service or on your iphone, then go back to your comp and the download would only be those files, not your entire backup, also chances are they’ll put a thunderbolt port in the time capsule so you can backup fast via thunderbolt.. (if you choose) ..otherwise slowly over wifi.

    I’m not saying this is truth, im guessing as much as anyone else but it kind of makes sense, minimal costs for apple, hardware sales, more money for apple.

  • byundt

    If you want to listen to music that you ripped and stored on your Mac, serving it from your Time Capsule would be a way around the music industry’s refusal to let Apple serve it from iCloud. The difference between the two sources could be transparent to the user.

  • davidafenton

    This is definitely not iCloud.  Cloud means you don’t depend on your own hardware.

  • kcdk99

    Yeah, this doesn’t make sense.  Why would iCloud not be about the cloud?  Consumers are not going to throw down $300-$500 on a Time Capsule when they can use other cloud storage options for free.  Also, why the need for an upgrade and a processor to use the Time Capsule as a remote storage device?  That means the Time Capsule I paid $500 for a couple years ago is obsolete?  Butkis

  • Fourthletter58

    Totally missing the small point that most users have a very slow upload speed, this is why you need the cloud to serve files. Either Apple fail or just article fail.

  • Andrew

    You’re missing the point completely.

    Read the article again.

  • Guest

    It’s interesting that Microsoft has most of these things already sort of built – between Windows Home Server, Windows Live Skydrive, Windows Media Center, Zune-pass.  Unfortunately for Microsoft – Apple’s thing will be hugely succesful because they design products for real people and Microsoft’s things will languish because they design products for the IT professional at home. 

  • El Aura

    BTW, this is already built-in into your Snow Leopard Mac. If you are happy keeping your computer running, iTunes Home Sharing already provides all home media server functionality you want

  • Gareth

    Sounds plausible, as I ordered a Time Capsule a little while ago and was just informed that it is mysteriously delayed.

  • Gareth

    The poster’s tipster reckons the data center isn’t part of this, but I would bet that if the tip is essentially correct, that it will be an either/or situation. If you buy a Time Capsule, you can use that. If you don’t, you can use the data center as your ‘cloud’, presumably at some annual fee.

  • Iscin

    Calling bullshit on this rumour.

  • lkahney

    I just added this to the post: 
    UPDATE: Actually, it looks like the technology is already baked into Lion. The Auto Save, Versions and Resume features in Lion look an awful lot like a smart file-management system designed for the cloud, resembling the way iOS and Google Docs save and manage multiple versions of documents. In addition, Time Machine in Lion is tightly integrated with Versions, making it more of a realtime backup system. “… [Versions] also appears to be used to make Time Machine much faster to open, as the Time Machine user interface can now access local snapshots take between remote backups, a sort of ‘instant Time Machine.’” See AppleInsider: Inside Mac OS X 10.7 Lion: Auto Save, File Versions and Time Machine

  • IAmDann

    This sounds like an extremely plausible rumor. Overhauling the Time Capsule to work as a cloud syncing device is definitely a smart move. It allows Apple to let users sync all their devices on-the-go and lets them off the hook in terms of needing space to host people’s files (and no liability for hosting pirated files).

    Also, Apple makes money selling stuff, not with software updates, so they’re definitely going to try to sell some new piece of software at this year’s WWDC. This makes perfect sense.

  • Nemo

    Also consider that Lion now includes OS X server and also installs a partition on your Mac with a clean copy of the OS.  People have assumed this is for recovery purposes, but perhaps it is really part of the “moveable desktop”.  Perhaps it will work something like this: When you boot into “your” desktop from another Lion mac, you boot into this partition locally, and any data is streamed from your time machine backup at home. You work remotely and logout, and when you get home, the changes are waiting for you, as if you did the work on your home computer.  All the stock programs would be there, and any particular program you use perhaps is run remotely, or perhaps something cleverer. A separate hardware time machine would just facilitate this without the need to keep your computer running. Or perhaps Apple will choose to restrict this functionality to a new Time Machine in order to sell a crap ton of them.  There were also recent rumors of Apple upgraded their routers to gigabit wireless.

  • prof_peabody

    I transfer people’s user accounts all the time and even a small one does not transfer “instantly.” It takes from roughly a half hour to sometimes 3 or 4 hours at Gigabit Ethernet speeds with two machines wired directly to each other.  

    Even if you are somehow magically accessing your Time Capsule across the Internet it would still takes the same amount of time for your account to be transferred to that machine.  

    The only way around it would be for the Time Capsule backup image of all your various machines to be stored on each Time Capsule attached to each and every machine.  i.e.- if I have a work image and a home image, each Time Capsule would have to have the backup image of both, in order for my home machine to magically appear on my work machine when I logged in. 

    Why would I do that when I can already remotely log into my home machine from work and vice versa with Back to My Mac?  

    It would make far more sense, (and actually be a do-able thing) to simply share the “My Documents” folder across machines by means of the cloud.  Each device can read and write to that folder, all changes synced instantly, all documents available wherever you are, across machines, even if it’s not *your* machine.

    That makes far more sense to me.  Why do I want to wait for the wallpaper from my 30″ screen at home, (and all the icons on the massive desktop), to transfer to my smaller work machine when I don’t need to see the wallpaper to get at my files, and all the icons are going to be re-arranged anyway?  What do I need the print settings from my home computer at work for? or the programs I installed for the kids, or a million other things that are on my home computer?  What do I need the fifty Gigs of TV shows and movies at work for? 

    All I need is my documents and my apps. The apps are available through the new App Store re-installation feature, if my Documents folder was mirrored, that’s all I need.

  • CharliK

    I”m going to laugh when the Keynote actually happens and it turns out that these sources were more wrong than right. 

    According to mine, yes iCloud is part of why the NC server farm was built. The iTunes stores and OS Software Update are other parts of why. Apple needed to expand the options to serve more customers with less errors, connection problems etc. 

    As from the whole Time Capsule thing. if it is true, it is only part of what iCloud is about. Not all of it as the article tries to imply in places. The current MobileMe, the music service etc are other components. 

  • WotZoo

    Now that looks like it might just work dude. Wow.


  • CharliK

    Or perhaps they are about to release ones with bigger capacity and better power units (which is the number 1 reason for TC failure)

  • CharliK

    A lot of your argument is dependent on the notion that the Time Machine software under Lion is going to create the same backup file that it does now. If the software doesn’t then something like Leander’s sources are suggesting could be possible. 

  • CharliK

    The annual fee is the way around that refusal. Apple has paid $100s of millions* to the labels plus a cut of the annual fees in ‘broadcast licenses’ to cover the songs you haven’t bought via iTunes. So as long as it is on the itunes server you are set 

    *According to my sources it’s not $100-150 million total but to each label. 

  • CharliK

    WWDC is about software. But there is no rule that they couldn’t do a silent release of new hardware at the same time. They just aren’t going to talk about it during the keynote. Or at least not in great detail. 

  • Bob The Tyrant

    I’m glad that I have a life.

  • tzbauknight

    Yeah, there’s a lot of technology built in to OS X that a lot of people never use. Xgrid, Time Machine, FileVault and so on could be combined in such a way that Apple could essentially create the world’s largest Mac by networking existing Macs, or parts of them, together transparently in communication with some giant living, breathing server farm Mac Daddy in North Carolina. Alternately, people that don’t have Macs may wish to use something like a networked Time Capsule to store items to use on their iPhones and particularly iPad’s, which are lacking in storage by comparison. Apple recognizes that some people need Macs, but not everybody needs a computer at all if they have an iPad and a way to archive, trade and collaborate on documents and projects.

  • cheesy1

    icloud is paving the path towards legal streaming of movies etc. i understand why apple is doing this, and a subscription is enough as long as its not much, but with extra hardware hmm

  • kosso

    yup. iCloud == DropBox + Pogo Storage boxes

  • mjamesderocher

    In my opinion it makes some sense. This would be a way to give people access to ALL their files remotely at a very affordable price. It is true that there are other storage options out there, but the ones that are free only give you a few gigabites and the ones that could really store a worthwhile amount of music, videos, and pictures are quite understandably expensive. It is true that the Time Capsule is expensive, but if the subscription that goes along with iCloud is either reasonably low or even free, then that one time cost will not seem like a big deal. It will be like having your own personal server for your files. To me it sounds like a good deal.

  • Support 18inc

    I called it! I had a hunch that Time Capsule was due for an unexpected refresh soon and I’m SO happy I didn’t hunker down and buy one like I was going to last week. The lesson here, TRUST your gut! 

  • AustinMalherbe

    Just had some more thoughts after watching Steve Job’s 1997 WWDC QA video. Maybe this will be like a Thin Client software ie VMWare or Hyper V both using the Time Capsule and the NC data center. I guess in a few more hours we will know.

  • AustinMalherbe

    Lucascott very good point. I’m just hoping like many others that I don’t have to run out and buy more hardware.

    Maybe it will be something that can be used in conjunction with the TC and the data center. Steve Job’s has been so focused on how things effect the whole world rather then just Apple users for many years now. ie the video that has been posted from the 1997 WWDC. he talks about lots of things being tossed out because they didn’t help the whole.

  • thomcarl

    I have no intention of storing my personal data on Apple or anyone else’s server.  To do so in my opinion would be foolish, as to date it’s imposable to guarantee that said servers are immune from hacking. 

  • Elizabeth Rendon

    Microsoft has the same cloud server though Windows Live, and better, because if you phone gets lost you can track your phone and even delete the data. Apple is just getting started this is not new to Microsoft Technologies.

  • John

    Everbody knows that this is bull, iCloud is for everyone why the hell did you else think that they had to sign agreements. For some lame ass home storage, yeah right…seriously cant believe that you post this.

  • Eric D Schatz

    Why does your iCloud logo look so much like Cloud Foundry’s logo? Just curious.

  • watchdog

    Based on what Steve Jobs said back at WWDC 1997, Apple’s data center will backup your Time Capsule every night.

  • watchdog

    Let me add that your media library need not be part of the Time Capsule backup as it is already “stored” as part of your Apple iTunes account. Also, it need only backup the changes each night, not the whole Time Capsule backup.

  • Rodneyfrey

    it looks like a time capsule with an aluminum cover

  • Guest

    I’m sorry, but if these rumors are true, then this will be an epic disappointment and fail. So far, the way I see it, I now need to upgrade to OS X Lion just to get the new service for free. I potentially have to get a new TC because my 2 year old one will probably not work with icloud.

  • siromega

    “Why would a Time Capsule need to store an update to deliver to your phone when it can be downloaded live?” 

    Because I have 3 macs and 4 iOS devices in my house, and so far this year (between Jan 1-May 31) I’ve downloaded 20GB worth of OSX and iOS system updates, Mac and iOS software updates (app updates, from iPhoto to iTunes to iPhone apps) and more stuff like printer drivers. 

    Thats 4GB per month. 

  • JubinJose

    Unfortunately for Microsoft, they don’t do a good job of marketing their products (which btb work amazingly well in the post xp era). Once they figure that out their products will sell well

  • DAvid

    I’m more worried about the Patriot Act than hackers.

  • lkahney

    Yeah, I noticed that too. It’d be cool if this is what the new Time Capsule looks like.

  • lkahney

    Nice job. You called it.

  • Darryl Thompson

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  • HammyHavoc

    I would enjoy some degree of consistency across machines; The same font libraries between MacBook, home, the office etc. I also want to have the same Pro Tools plugin configurations between my MacBook and my Mac Pro. I want to continue working in the same manner wherever I am. I know a future like that is a long while away, but a man can dream.

  • HammyHavoc

    The price of the Time Capsule has probably stayed high so at a later point, they can declare a slashed price on a newer product. I can’t picture a Time Capsule bigger than 2TB at present.

  • HammyHavoc

    I’m interested to see what iTunes 11 will bring. Hopefully a more streamlined UI.

  • HammyHavoc

    Probably clickbait more than anything.

  • HammyHavoc

    This would make sense; A great way to expand the Time Capsule and back it up. Maybe as with the new Apple TV, it will be more of a ‘streamer’, but allow you to connect up external drives? Sounds similar to AirPort Express if that is the case.

  • HammyHavoc

    Agreed. With Netflix becoming more and more popular, people with less speedy connections and home networks are feeling the strain of all the software updates around the home.

  • HammyHavoc

    Not storing my iTunes library on each and every computer I use would be wonderful. It’s a lot of wasted space, and I dislike the current Home Sharing functionality as well.

  • HammyHavoc

    I don’t see that happening. If anything, they will want to sell you a Thunderbolt vault to accompany it.

  • HammyHavoc

    This has been available through MobileMe since 2009.

  • HammyHavoc


  • HammyHavoc

    I’m feeling the same way currently. I was even tempted by an AirPort Express and using an external HDD with it, but my gut told me to wait it out also.

  • HammyHavoc

    It doesn’t mean that in any manner whatsoever; It simply means ‘networked storage’ or whatever other service you want to stick in front of ‘networked’ or ‘online’.

  • HammyHavoc

    I’m wondering if they’ll be sold without drives at $99 and you hook up a vault via Thunderbolt for storage.

  • HammyHavoc

    This could explain the rumoured processor upgrade, though I’m not sure how I’d feel about streaming via Netflix whilst backing up at the same time. Is something of that calibre capable of doing that many things at once without hiccups?

  • HammyHavoc

    I hope that the iWork.com site gets baked into this somehow. Everything needs to be available from one place (iCloud.com).

  • HammyHavoc

    You’ve not even heard the price announcement yet. The Apple TV dropped to $99. Hush.

  • Thomas McGuire

    If rumours be true, then congrats to Apple on re-defining what “Cloud” means. Uggh.

  • TweoBeo

    Yeah right, they will announce iCloud as a lame home storage service that can be accessed from the Internet, i don’t think so. You really think Apple will sign agreements to allow users to access their files from their own network?

  • TweoBeo

    Yeah right, they will announce iCloud as a lame home storage service that can be accessed from the Internet, i don’t think so. You really think Apple will sign agreements to allow users to access their files from their own network?

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  • Microfud

    Maybe because more folks are now buying iPads to replace their PCs and Macs. Why should I need a computer to simply stream my content from time capsule to my iPad? I’ve owned two time capsules and my only regret is that it wouldn’t allow me to stream my music and video (which are stored on the time capsule drive) to my Apple TV. If iPad is the first post-PC device, why would you force users to buy a PC to access their content?

  • John Doe

    Hey guys!  Way to go Apple!!!…World’s LARGEST tech company!!!  Climbing that Fortune 500 ladder- woot woot!…  Apple knows how to capitalize, that is for sure.  My stocks just keep soaring, thank you everyone for continuing to buy the new products- I just got a new speed boat thanks to my dividends!  I am kinda confused about something though, they show 46,000+ employees worldwide, but no exact numbers for the US?  Does anybody know their exact number of US employees?  And why is that number so small?  I was trying to tell a Mac-hating friend of mine about all the jobs Apple has created here, but I can’t find anything.  He showed me a list of other tech companies here in the US that employ way more people here, and are not as big a company…confusing.  (here is the link he sent me – http://nyjobsource.com/largest…  Don’t get me wrong, I understand that to stay competitive Apple has to hire sweatshop type workers, but everybody does that, right?  Is it because apple doesn’t count the tens of thousands of Foxconn employees they use?  Also, does anybody know anything about FairPlay DRM being continued on all movies, tv shows, books, and apps purchased through the iStore?  That is another thing my friend has been telling me.  Also, just out of curiosity, is it true that Apple kinda stole their GUI from Xerox?  A friend sent me this clip – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v…  If so, HAHA Xerox.  Another thing I heard was that Jobs denied his little girl for the first few years of her life, is that true to?  Just thought I would ask the pros about this stuff, I keep hearing about it and I want a good argument to come back with.  Thanks everybody.
    PS – Looks like Romney is back in! 

  • DavidEsrati

    I just need to know when the new router will be available- mine is dying
    after 4 years of use. I’d like a dual band that’s as fast as the Cisco

    Any ideas when this product will ship?

  • Sammy

    Looks like this prediction turned out totally wrong

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