New Time Capsules Might Run iOS On A5 CPUs [Rumor]



Following reports that Apple will refresh the Time Capsule line-up at next week’s WWDC, possibly to enable background caching of software updates, comes new word about what to expect: the new Time Capsules will run on iOS and come with embedded A4 or A5 CPUS.

According to the almost always infallible Ars Technica’s source:

Our own source tells Ars that the revised hardware is believed to be built around Apple’s own A4 or A5 processor, and will run iOS much like the most recent Apple TV model.

If so, that’s quite the change for Time Capsule, but it makes sense if Time Capsule is to interact more closely with iOS devices and iCloud. Could a new Time Capsule be the biggest surprise at WWDC this year?

  • Morialkar

    why would it need to run iOS??? isn’t it an extrernal harddrive??? it would be worth it in only one condition: have it running the backup software… but we’ll see

  • Samuel

    Put a few more question marks, I don’t think that everyone understood that it was a question.

  • Samuel

    While I love the idea of time capsule they always were too expensive for my taste, maybe they put something in there that makes the price seem more justified.

  • Mike Rathjen

    No it is not “an external hard drive”. It is a dual-band wired/wireless router with built-in switch and Time Machine compatible network-attached storage.

    If it runs iOS, it could theoretically be jailbroken and therefore run additional software. However, I think this would be extraordinarily challenging and/or limited in functionality because Time Capsules do not have a display.

  • pollaxe

    Although if they were to put a Thunderbolt port on to it then they could get a display out of it that way.. It’s a pretty big if, I fully admit!

  • Michiel Mac

    Might it be a merger with the Apple-TV ?

    I rather want a new Mac Mini i5 with 1080p and two HD’s. Is that relevant for this topic ? No.

  • Bob

    Please, please, please let it act as an iTunes server. It’s ridiculous that I need to have a computer involved to stream my music from my Time Capsule to my AppleTV2 (and other iOS devices). If Jobs wants to convince me that the iPad is the first post-pc device, then the new Time Capsule had better have iTunes streaming capability.

  • Bob

     See my post above. But in brief, how about iTunes streaming…

  • Stuart Otterson

    If I was to speculate, the Time Capsule could form part of a 2 prong cloud strategy for Apple. If iCloud is storing files up in the internet, Time Capsule might be part of a localised cloud strategy, files that accessible to any iOS device. That wouldn’t explain why it would run iOS though.

    Such an idea would therefore imagine your iOS apps could be stored locally onto your Time Capsule ready for retrieval whenever you want, or like a personal storage locker, cus those magazines do take up a lot of space. I dunno, we’ll just have to see. Probably nothing as near sophisticated.  

  • Unis Zuurmond

    I too would love to see it merging with AppleTV. But I think it would probably become an iCloud Media server (and backup device and router). Looking somewhat like the logo, maybe. 

    iCloud will be more than just iTunes (I hope). It will be a streaming media solution, but therein lies somewhat the problem: you need an in-between server to buffer large files, to allow for smooth playback. Enters the new iCloud Media server.

  • LeCorsaire

    I agree with you guys’ comments.  Apple might merge the Apple TV with the Airport wireless routers.  One less box at home and makes the Apple TV more popular.