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Brits Get iPhone 4 and iPad 2 For Just £99.99 Through Orange UK



There are many reasons to envy the British. Marmite. Branston Pickle. Savory Pies. First Run Doctor Who. Kelly Brook. Now there’s a new reason to envy them: they can pick up an iPhone 4 and an iPad 2 for just £99, or around $162.

The deal comes via Orange Mobile, albeit with a few caveats. You must be an existing Orange UK subscriber willing to sign a two year contract with direct debit and non-itemized billing.

Tthe plan you need to sign up for is pretty pricy at around £65 a month ($106). That comes with 600 minutes, unlimited texts, unlimited BT Openzone WiFi and 2GB shared 3G data across both devices.

To put that in perspective, T-Mobile will sell you an iPhone 4 with a roughly equivalent plan for £99.99 and £35.75 a month. That said, to get an iPad 2 covered on T-Mobile would cost you an additional £25.00 a month, and that doesn’t even come with a free tablet.

At the end of the day, whether this deal is worth it to you has a lot to do with how little data you think you can get by with on your phone. If you’re an existing Orange customer in Britain though, we’d give this deal some thought! We know we’d be tempted to bite if it came to At&T or Verizon.