New Icon For iCloud Revealed at WWDC



MacRumors has a sneaky spy shot of the new iCloud icon, courtesy of a banner going up at WWDC. Hope Steve Jobs doesn’t see the pic. It’s pretty sloppy work by those two banner hangers. Who thinks they’ll be fired by day’s end?

Then again, Jobs already let the cat out the bag, letting everyone know that Monday’s keynote will be about iCloud, iOS 5 and Lion.

And here’s another, better pic:

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10 responses to “New Icon For iCloud Revealed at WWDC”

  1. Joe Kueser says:

    Is the “taste” on the icon part of the icon or a reflection from across the street?

  2. dcj001 says:

    Here’s a close up version of the picture:

  3. Guest says:


  4. CharliK says:

    souped up version of the MobileMe icon. Which makes sense cause this is supposed to be a souped up version of MobileMe

  5. Beto Diaz says:

    Reflection from across the street, no doubt.
    Nice eye!

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