Developing a New iOS App and Need Mockup Tools? App Cooker to the Rescue!




Creating a new iOS app can be a daunting task. Keeping track of all the ideas, pricing schemes, graphics, and collaborations can leave a developer feel swamped. The guys behind App Cooker hope to solve all those problems by providing the most advanced iOS mockup tool made exclusively for the iPad.

Jam packed with incredible features, App Cooker aims to be a must-have tool for all app developers and designers. Here’s a quick video of some of the things App Cooker can do for you:



The fact that they’ve managed to provide such great functionality on an iPad is incredible. On sale for a limited time at $19.99, App Cooker aspires to become one of the premier productivity apps for the iPad. Despite a limited amount of iOS development experience, I can see that an iPad app like App Cooker will be an invaluable tool that makes it easy to form an idea for an app into a full fledged model and then eventually the real deal.

They even help you with the little things, like different scenarios for pricing and helping you create your app icon. Even those without any X-Code experience will be drawn to the app out of curiosity for what their imagination might be able to create. Tools like this, on an incredibly intimate device like the iPad, are what will propel app development and entrepreneurship even further than we’ve dreamed. Unless of course our weird fixation on fart apps never abates, in which case we’re probably all doomed.

What do you think? Would an app like App Cooker inspire you to dabble with iOS development?

  • Jose Rodriguez

    Really impressed.

    However the $100 registration fee and the non-existance of development platforms outside of getting a mac, ensured that I would never dabble with iOS. I just don’t have the type of money right now for such a start-up.

  • Nick J

    Talking about revenue and making money through your app then pricing it at $19.99 if not more sounds a lot like a book called
    ‘How to make a million dollars’
    and the first chapter being called “Write a book called ……..” you get the idea 

  • HotAppsFactory

    Other development platforms also have some hidden fees, but it is clear that Apple is not the cheapest one. Nevertheless, I think it is the easiest to use and develop for as the vast majority of iOS developers continue to stick with this business model. Maybe one day, App Cooker will cross the line…

  • Jose Rodriguez

    What I was saying was not solely about initial fees(of the SDK), but was total cost for start-up. It was about flexibility.

    Examples of downloads related to platforms-
    Android SDK($30 one time fee): 2 windows, 1 mac, 1 linux
    XNA($99/year, not sure)/mono XNA:Windows, mac , linux
    Blackberry(not sure): Windows, Mac
    Symbian(not sure): Windows, Mac, Linux

    Compared to
    iOS($99 one time I believe): Mac 

  • Javier Cámara

    Downloaded the app and played with it a little bit. Not bad, but it’s still missing a lot of functionality. Widgets such as lists, or popup dialogs aren’t implemented yet in the mockup screen builder. I hope that early buyers get a free upgrade when that functionality is ready, otherwise I think it’d be a ripoff. App cooker is a half-cooked app in its current state.

  • Cubs Fan Ron

    $99 is annual.

  • WhatsOniPhone

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  • AppMockupTools

    You can always get back to pen and paper to get your vision first with my App Sketchpads then transfer your vision with my iOS GUI Element Kits Fully editable interactive prototyping and wireframing kits. No coding just copy and paste.