Twitter Lays Groundwork For Possible iOS 5 Integration With Native Photo Support



Making rumors that Apple would be integrating Twitter support directly into iOS’s photo sharing functionality just a little more likely, Twitter has just announced that they are baking native photo sharing into the microblogging service. Is this just the laying of groundwork for a more unified iOS/Twitter experience?

Not only is Twitter going to be allowing users to upload photos directly from or the official mobile apps, thanks to a partnership with which will take care of it all behind the scenes.

For Twitter users, this is a nice perk, and should result in a more seamless and multimedia rich Twitter experience. More interesting, though, is how this will play into rumors that Twitter will be integrated into iOS 5.

If iOS 5 really is integrating with Twitter’s new photo feature, will the integration end there? Daring Fireball’s John Gruber suggested the other day that iOS 5 could offer even deeper Twitter integration than photo uploads. What about Apple’s own Foursquare-like check in service, integrated at the system level?

It’s possible. Adding to the rumors, anyone else notice that all of the computers and phones used in Twitter’s official announcement video are MacBooks and iPhones?