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Netflix CEO: The iPad’s Not A Revolution, The Apple TV Is



While tablets might be a revolution for everyone else, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings thinks they’re a bore. Where it’s really at? The Apple TV.

During his interview with Kara Swisher at All Thing Digital’s D9 Conference, Hastings downplayed the importance of the iPad and iPhone for streaming video companies like Netflix.

“Having a TV is the most important thing for video, as opposed to music, which works well on mobile,” Hastings said. “In the coming years, we’ll be on a lot of web TV app stores.”

But what about iPad, Swinger asked. Hastings’ response:

“Meh. Tablets are not a revolution. The Apple TV is more important to us than the iPad. The big deal for us is Internet connected TVs.”

While I love both Netflix and my iPad, I have to say, I think he’s right: while it’s nice to be able to watch video on my iPad, the form factor — which requires me to actively hold the tablet upright — just isn’t as satisfying as a big HDTV.

I found these comments really interesting, because while we Apple fans tend to get all rubbery in the knees over the iPhone and iPad, there’s another, quieter revolution happening across America, where the Apple TV is changing the way millions of Americans use their television, with almost no one noticing.

What do you think? Is Hastings right about streaming video on mobile devices? If so, what do you think that means for iCloud?

[via MacStories]