Steve Jobs Calls Android a “Probe In Your Pocket” [Spies On Users]



Photo: D9

Steve Jobs calls Android a “probe in your pocket” because it spies on users, according to Wall Street Journal reporter Kara Swisher.

Swisher mentioned the barb while interviewing Google’s Eric Schmidt on stage at the All Things D conference.

She said Steve Jobs told her that she needs to start writing more stories on Google and Privacy and also how an Android Phone is like having a “probe in your pocket.” She asked how he knew this and he said, “Oh we could do that too, but we don’t have a search engine to plug it all into.” Fun stuff.

Schmidt denied Android spies on users: “We don’t take the information your phone gathers about location and suck it into search. We don’t suck it anywhere!” he said.

“There is a certain amount of information that goes back, but it’s made anonymous and it’s never used for search.”

Watch it live here.

  • GregsTechBlog

    Yeah, every google service you use collects data. It says so right in the terms of service. 

  • Jdsonice

    Yup Sure whatever… That is why I don’t have Android crap.

  • TomKarpik

    He was right about Flash (Adobe is killing Flash on mobile), and now it turns out he was right about Android (CarrierIQ).