Patent Troll Lodsys Sues Indie iOS Devs Days Earlier Than Promised


  • Guest

    Can we confirm Lodsys actually HAVE filed lawsuits?

  • Greg Braddock

    “Lodsys chose to move its litigation timing to an earlier date than originally planned, in response to Apple’s threat, in order to preserve its legal options.” This is directly from their blog:

  • Randy Salo
  • CSMcDonald

    So if the developers settle with Lodsys, they are then violating Apple’s dev agreement.
    Which means that Apple supplied the developers with an API that would guarantee they would be in violation of against either Lodsys or Apple.
    Which means this is going to be one big messy fight.
    I can see lawyers gearing up to sue Apple over providing the API to the developers that led to them being sued by Lodsys.

    I have a headache now.   But the government insists we don’t need patent reform.

  • Guest

    Yeah, Quickoffice and some other devs got hit :-/

  • cheesy11

    lodsys is just suing every dev to turn up on the app doorstep

  • CharliK

    The only reason anyone will sue Apple for pushing the API, policies etc on anyone is if they lose in court.

    And do you really think that Apple’s lawyers would have sent that letter if they didn’t have strong faith that a judge would agree with their version of what the deal says

  • CSMcDonald

    You have far more faith in our legal system than I do.

  • Bob The Tyrant

    If this irks you, write a letter to your congressmen. Inform them that you believe this hampering the future growth of our economy and outright corporate bullying using resource advantage to extort money from the future of technology.