New Apple Store Will Get Direct Hookup To North Carolina Data Super Center



Where will you get the fastest streaming speeds once iCloud launches? Most likely at the new retail location Apple is opening up a stone’s throw from its North Carolina data super center.

Apple is considering opening a new retail store about 30 miles from the data center, in Charlotte’s Northlake Mall. According to reports, Apple has already applied for building permits and is looking to hire employees The location would be 16 miles from another Apple Store in South Park Mall and would become the fifth store in North Carolina.

For some time, observers have attempted to explain potential uses for the $1 billion data center Apple has built. Although the dominant belief is the complex will be used for streaming media to iOS devices, a new theory is that the location will assist plans to bring voice-recognition to iOS 5.

Whatever the speculation, Apple officials have pledged to open the facility soon… and the new Charlotte Apple Store will be the closest retail location to take advantage of it.