Jailbreak Tweak Removes Home Screen Folders With One Tap




A new jailbreak tweak making its way into Cydia will enable users to delete home screen folders – and return all of the applications within them to the home screen – with a single tap.

Using folders to organize our iOS apps is a great way of tidying up our home screens and making our apps more accessible. It seems absurd now that for years we had to use our iOS devices without this handy feature. However, it’s certainly not perfect, and one of its biggest pitfalls is that once you’ve created a folder and filled it up with 12 applications, removing it again is a long and painful affair. You have to drag every single application, one at a time, back to the home screen.

UnFolder makes things a great deal easier by allowing you to remove home screen folders just like you would apps or bookmarks. Once installed, when you tap and hold on an icon to get your home screen ‘jiggling’, you will be presented with the same delete buttons above your folders that you are used to seeing above your regular iOS apps. A single tap will delete the folder and return every application within it back to the home screen.

The UnFolder tweak is currently being developed by Filippo Bigarella who promises it will be free when it launches in Cydia. However, an official release date hasn’t been set. If you’d like to get your hands on this tweak before its official release, you can add http://filippobiga.me/repo/ to your Cydia sources.

[via iPhone Download Blog]