Unlock The Potential Of Your iPad’s Keyboard [Video How-To]



While the iPad’s onscreen virtual keyboard is nice, it still doesn’t compare with a physical keyboard in usability. Fortunately, Apple includes some relatively hidden features which can greatly improve typing speed as well as usability on the iPad’s keyboard. In this video you’ll find out how to enable these features and use them to their full potential.

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79 responses to “Unlock The Potential Of Your iPad’s Keyboard [Video How-To]”

  1. Gustavo Santana says:

    it would be nice to know what features you will be showing on the video, so those of us that already know about it don’t have to watch to find out

    anyways, good stuff

  2. aramishero says:

    I have iPad 2, but I didn’t know the special feature on the keyboard. This is very useful for newbie.

  3. martinberoiz says:

    Great! I knew most of them, but there were some I didn’t know.

  4. Gary Menszyk says:

    Don’t forget that you can do possessives quickly. For example, “she’ll” can be gotten by typing “shelll” and “we’ll” by typing “welll” .

  5. Michael Steeber says:

    Cool! I didn’t know that one. 

  6. jessicamagert says:

    i knew some already, thanks for sharing. 

  7. Bobby Kuykendall says:

    Thanks alot I knew a lot of the shortcuts you show and I even learned a few I didn’t know. Thanks for you hard work.

  8. Gene says:

    Just wondering – why does this have to be a six-minute video instead of, you know, just letting us read?

  9. Rackmaster says:

    Very useful. Thanks.

  10. Naga says:

    Actually, that was covered with apostrophe!

  11. VotersRights says:

    Wow Michael, that is the most helpful iPad article I’ve seen in quite a while, thank you!

  12. Hampus says:

    Nice, but there were no need for this to be a video…

  13. Kalcifero says:

    Not worthy to stand as a article for itself. Mentioning snippets should suffice to cultofmac’s audience segment. Trying to reach out to wider segment? Doesn’t fit in nice, should seek alternatives.

  14. Paul says:

    Good content but the style of the presenter is awful. He repeats everything twice or three times as though his audience are idiots. He needs some journalism training so he knows how to more professionally present his ideas and should learn to be crisp in his delivery.

  15. God says:

    gah already been said but learn how to edit and present a video. for slow connections this is painful and really degrades to the overal professionalism of the site

  16. madhatter61 says:

    Turn off the music … can’t hear the commentary

  17. Sean says:

    I was hesitant to watch because of the length, but it was very informative. Thanks!

  18. Michael Steeber says:

    Music? I didn’t have any in it. 

  19. Michael Steeber says:

    The one time I repeated something was an editing error. I caught that after I had the post up. 

  20. A nony mouse. says:

    Ok…except this video could have been planned out and 3 minutes instead of 6. You need to plan some sort of outline first until you are good at speaking succinctly. 

  21. Michael Steeber says:

    I actually did have an outline. I guess I was just born a ramblin’ man. 

  22. Jessie Nicholes says:

    cool keypad hope it will be very fabolous in front of everyone.

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  23. Carltaute says:

    Some of us can’t hear well.  A printed page would be appreciated.

  24. tinbert says:

    I knew most of the tricks, but the few gems made it worth to watch the whole video, thx!
    What you did’nt know: you don’t need to move your finger up to choose one of the “popup” options, say on the .com button. Just hold and slide horizontally. It does’nt work for two-line-options, but there you can move your finger above the top line and it becomes easier to see what character is selected.

  25. Will Harford says:

    I’ve always found a good trick if you’re trying to write “We’re” is to write “weree” and the auto correct will come up with the apostrophe.

    …That being said, the dictionary does differ dependant on what it’s learned from you.

  26. Snarkophile says:

    Excellent tips – good job – learned some new tips. For those who felt the need to criticize Michael,
    he send you a refund for what you paid, and a time critic. 
    Where do you work, we’ll come down tomorrow and see how professional you are.

  27. Tandgcousins says:

    Thank you, Michael. As a new comer to iPad I found this so interesting and helpful.

  28. mahamarshad says:

    HTC Mazaa is 12-megapixel WP7.1 Mango handset? [Video]

  29. mahamarshad says:

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560M GPU lands in gaming notebooks at Computex

  30. Donald Nordeng says:

    Wow, lots of negativity! Such a downer, why bother adding that type of comment.  Thanks for the tips Michael, personally I enjoyed the video, didn’t know any of the tips until I saw this.  

  31. RetroMacCast says:

    Did you mention these tips apply to iPhone as well?  They do!

  32. Rainbowbob says:

    thanks this will make my typing a lot easier

  33. A Name says:

    I don’t have time to watch the video, but I have TONS of time to debate the merits of video versus text.

  34. Slamdrunk says:

    You have a really bad accent dude.. nice video but man you should let someone else speak on the video.

  35. Andrew says:

    Great video. Very well presented.

    I’m a heavy iPad user and learnt loads – will really help me.

    Thank you.


  36. Cultmember says:

    Michael, thanks for the tips. Makes me wanna run out and buy an iPad. DOH! I already have one. Some I knew, some new. Keep up the great work. Love your accent. ;^) 

  37. Green93455 says:

    I found the video very helpful.  Please disregard all of the snide comments and keep helping others who appreciate your time and effort

  38. Suzasmessages says:

    Fantastic … thank you so much…

  39. John Forde says:

    Thanks… truly useful. I didn’t know most of those.

  40. Concerned says:

    Quick question…would it be possible to add more distracting/fakey hand gestures in the video to make it even more annoying? Seriously though, thanks for the information, it was very useful but please back off the hundreds of over the top gestures to improve future videos.

  41. Isabella07 says:

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  42. Otmj says:

    Very helpful – thank you!

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