Pulse Reader App for iPad Now Provides You With a Quick Way to Get Your Cult of Mac Fix



The guys over at Alphonso Labs have put a lot of hard work into their iPad app Pulse. Despite the plethora of reader apps out there, Pulse really stands out with its sleek interface that allows users to read vast amounts of content without feeling overwhelmed by the myriad of sources.

As fans of the app, we’re stoked that the Pulse team has decided to include Cult of Mac under their main “Featured” section. If you’re looking for another way to get your Apple and Cult of Mac fix on your iPad or iPhone, then Pulse is definitely an app that you need to check out. And make sure you add our feed while you’re at it.

  • Christopher

    The pulse link goes to an error page.

  • Mark

    What really surprises me is that Cult of Mac doesn’t have it’s own app yet. I used to read CoM for my Apple news and now I find myself almost always choosing TUAW because I can browse their iPhone app so easily without having to use Safari.

  • maham123

    Samsung Galaxy Ace The Android Gizmo With Scintillating Deals

  • rod griffiths

    I read Cult of MAC on Flipboard, which seems to work fine.