Apple’s 2011 Back To School Deal Might Put New iPad 2s In Fall Students’ Hands



You know the drill. Every year, Apple gives students a special incentive to buy a new Mac in the form of a cheap iPod.

This year, though, the deal might be a lot spicier: students might get a couple bills off a new iPad instead of an entry-level iPod Touch. And Cupertino might just be so excited about this that Back to School will prominently be mentioned at next week’s WWDC.

The report comes from BGR, who says:

We have been told Apple will continue to offer educational discounts on computers and either a free iPod touch, or $229 towards the purchase of any other iPod. Our source also let us know that there might be something new in the works, as well… they heard that it’s possible Apple might offer students up to $200 off an iPad with the purchase of a new Mac.

Not too shabby, and the timing’s about right: Apple usually announces its Back to School deals in May or June. My guess is that a whole lot of students would rather take a couple hundred bucks off an iPad 2 than grab themselves an iPod this year. What do you think?

  • Rowanova

    I agree the high school and college kids will prefer an iPad over an iPod.  The $200 off the price of their new iPad would certainly be a nice touch, especially for those on a tight budget.

    As for other potential options, I wonder how many students would like to have that $200 off the price of a new MB Air 11? I’m thinking they could sell some extra Air this way, as I know they are popular with the school crews.

    I know my girls would love them…Oh, wait…did I just get myself talked into having to new Airs and new iPads? Damn…this could be a real expensive $200 “off”! 

  • Arm Hol

    Is WWDC next week already? I thought it started on the 6th?

  • bmdonovan

    If I was a college student again, I’d grab an iMac and an iPad 2 in a heartbeat.

  • Alex Hebden

    Not a bad deal but money savvy people may not fall for it. First, I can’t afford a Mac anyway so thats out and second, 200 dollars off an iPad with the purchase of a Mac means I would have to justify the deal by already planning to purchase BOTH an iPad as well as a Mac.

    I don’t know many college students who were planning on dropping 1500$+ for their back to school budget. 

    On the other hand with Microsoft’s deal you may have been planning on purchasing a PC already and if you do you get a FREE Xbox. Sure it’s a cheaper product, but your not spending extra money (aside from paying too much for the initial PC from Microsoft.)

  • Chintan Shah

    I don’t think so its a good deal.
    If just recently graduated.
    If i am a student first thing i will think is that what is the need for ipad if i have mac book pro.
    Second thing is budget. 
    Third this is Apple won’t go for ipad 2 as it is hottest thing in market.
    They might go for ipad 1 as its selling would lower down a lot after ipad 2 release.

    So it doesn’t make much sense to me about giving 200 off IPAD 2. 

  • dagamer34

    iPods are discounted because they’re at the end of their retail cycle and are extremely cheap to make. The iPad is supply constrained and just had a refresh. I’m not so sure it would make as much sense to discount $200 of a hot product rather than a slow-selling one.

    Heck, does anyone buy iPods anymore? I thought they were being replaced by smartphones.

  • MacBoy Pro

    you still have to pay for games and controllers. they aren’t included

  • Charles

    The back to school discount in Australia happens in January when all the iPods are relatively new. And the iPad would be relatively old. Opposite way around here. Just thought I’d point out that the iPad thing makes sense more here.

  • Charley

    Here’s an idea.  Partner with AT&T and Verizon and toss in an iPhone (with purchase of a Mac) in addition to, or in lieu of, iTouch and, possible, the iPad.  Win-win for everybody, especially since the iPhone retails less than the other two.

  • CharliK

    Can’t. The price is tied to the contract status. That’s why no one gets a discount for any reason on the iphone (not even employees)

  • CharliK

    Can’t. The price is tied to the contract status. That’s why no one gets a discount for any reason on the iphone (not even employees)

  • CharliK

    BGR is wrong on this one. They can’t handle the ipad demand right now. No way are they going to add the ipad to this deal. Because the rules are that it is what is available that day. So either they will lose sales because the ipad someone wants is not in and they leave to try another day. Or Apple will have to deal with folks buying whatever there is to get the rebate and then bringing it back to exchange for the one they really wan, unless they set a rule that you can’t return OR exchange an ipad bought with the student deal to avoid losing all those viable units that can’t sold as new once the box is opened (and you know the kids will open it)

  • Tron400

    I was pricing new laptops yesterday. Macs were twice the price for 1/2 the computer. No thanks. Apple is a ripoff.

  • LWP

    Yes people buy iPods . . . they are great for kids who aren’t quite old enough for a cell phone.  Oh, and people who buy android phones.

  • Blancosam11

    when does this deal start?

  • Aol

    check out the benchmark tests for the new macbook pros. now tell me they’re 1/2 the computer.

  • jc0196

    they’re 1/2 the computer :D

  • Bobby Scruggs

    id love to have a macbook and an ipad 2 for college! i really want an ipad hah

  • Schwincat05

    maybe that’s why they haven’t even announced it yet… really late for them

  • Waiting

    I hope they announce it soon! I was thinking it would be today (Tuesday, WWDC) but nothing yet, right??

  • nowvisiting

    Maybe he meant half the computer in size and weight. If so, then he’s probably right. 

  • Instants gagnants

    last few years, it begins at the end of may, so, it will begin soon ;-)

  • Alex Brohman

    If you’re going to be using your Mac for games or school (I do both), you might need to run Windows too – it’s an unfortunate fact of life :(

    I just found Parallels for 29.99 for today only, thought I’d share –

    Only thing is that it’s for students though.