iChromy is The Perfect iPad Web Browser for Google Chrome Users



For those of you who use Google’s Chrome web browser on your Mac or PC, a new app called iChromy aims to offer an identical browsing experience on your iPad, with a polished user interface and some rather nice features.

While I’m a fan of the Safari browser built into iOS, it’s far from perfect. iChromy’s attempt to mimic Google Chrome on the iPad makes it one of the nicest third-party browsers for the iPad I’ve used. One of its best features is its tabbed browsing: just like Chrome all of your tabs sit at the very top of the browser and it’s simple to switch between them and open & close individual tabs.

iChromy’s address bar combines both URL entry and search into one box in an effort to keep its UI clean, and when you begin to scroll down a page, this bar is hidden to provide you with more room for content.

There’s a built-in reading list with ‘read later’ functionality with which you can save web pages to view later offline. There’s also support to save and share content with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Diigo and Instapaper.

iChromy is completely free and well worth checking out!

IChromy screen 2

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20 responses to “iChromy is The Perfect iPad Web Browser for Google Chrome Users”

  1. Gustavo Santana says:

    finally tabs! if it only had bookmark sync with chrome, that would be killer…

  2. F.Mannsha says:

    bookmarks syncing?

  3. jellymelly says:


  4. Theapplemobileblog says:

    looks good, tabbed browsing is the way forward, come on Apple catch up. No way to sync bookmarks though. Need to be able to sync through MobileMe as this is a god send. Not exactly quick either. Keep trying because this one has som potential. Terra still better though.

  5. Chris Malone says:

    I like this browser.

    Sent from my iPad using iChromy

  6. nthnm says:

    Downloading it now.

  7. Hyperfab566 says:

    how can we delete cache and browsing history with iChromy

  8. Robert Norris Hills says:

    Copy Google products more. 

  9. Robert Norris Hills says:

    Copy Google products more. 

  10. Morialkar says:

    can we do it from the begening of time??

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