Will Mac OS X Lion Launch at WWDC in June?



While there’s no question that Mac OS X Lion will be one of the main talking points at this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference in June, we weren’t quite expecting it to launch during the event. However, one report believes Apple is currently prepping Lion for a WWDC release.

‘Trusted sources’ speaking to TUAW have revealed that Apple’s internal testing for Lion has now gone live, which they say is an indication that OS 10.7 is close to its real world debut:

This suggests the new OS might possibly ship as early as WWDC with an “available today” mention at the keynote — or it might not. But Lion is looking to be one step closer to availability for Apple customers.

Lion has been in beta testing for developers since back in February and is currently on preview 3. When it goes live it will introduce of a plethora of impressive new applications and features to the Mac OS X operating system including Launchpad, Mission Control, and Safari’s new reading list.

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20 responses to “Will Mac OS X Lion Launch at WWDC in June?”

  1. Alistair H. says:

    To be honest, “a plethora of new features and apps” is a bit of an exaggeration… Lion is great, but for me it’s another Leopard -> Snow Leopard upgrade, rather small than revolutionary. But maybe we haven’t seen it all in Dev Previews ?

    Full 64bit support is a nice thing though.

  2. hipertracker says:

    Preview 3 is useless. It freezes new MacBooks Pro (early 2011)

  3. Qubecker says:

    Yep, I trying install preview 1,2 to iMac i5 and than remove it because Snow Leopard much faster. I hope Apple fix it.

  4. dagamer34 says:

    Even if it were available today, it takes 9 days to get from gold master to retail ready boxes (and despite what people think, it WILL be available via retail, not everyone has the bandwidth to download 7GB operating systems).

  5. macgizmo says:

    What makes you think Apple won’t announce the download version will be “available today” and the boxed version in two/three weeks?

  6. martinberoiz says:

    I will wait until 10.7.1 comes out.

  7. Redzinfandel says:

    Make total sense, Apple could focus on iOS5 for the fall

  8. TylerHoj says:

    I worked at Apple when Snow Leopard came out and it was clear that a summer release time works better for everyone at Apple. Not many people buy computers in the summer because everyone waits for the fall to get a school deal or a free iPod with their comp purchase or whatever. It keeps people interested in Apple. Without the iPhone, after WWDC there’s nothing new from Apple people can spend their clams on, especially this summer with the delay of the iPhone. It seems very legitimate that Apple would look to this “dead-frame” as we called it to release some form of new product. 

  9. TylerHoj says:

    Because it’s BETA right now. If your not a developer, then you shouldn’t have tried installing it in the first place. 

  10. Ebr75 says:

    Just remember that still is Mac os X, don´t expect nothing ‘out of this world’

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