Amazon Launches Their Own Mac App Store



Never one to shy away for “Me-Too”-isms, Amazon has just launched their own analogue to the popular Mac App Store.

Obviously, Amazon’s not going to be able to provide the sort of deep system integration with Snow Leopard and Lion that the Mac App Store features, it might, at least, offer some capable deals… and there are a few titles on Amazon’s Mac Download Store that aren’t featured on Apple’s service, like Office for Mac, as well as games by EA, Aspyr and Feral (which are also available on Steam for Mac).

When you buy a title through Amazon’s Mac Download Store, you get a standard downloadable install file that is both pumped to you directly and stored in your Amazon digital locker.

In truth, this isn’t really a game changer. Unlike Amazon’s Appstore for Android, the retailing giant has no obvious long game here: it’s just another digital delivery service. That said, we’re a bit surprised Amazon didn’t call their offering Appstore for Mac: after all, if Apple’s App Store trademark really is invalid, as they claim, why not be consistent with branding?

From a consumer perspective, the most interesting part of this news is that to celebrate the launch of the Mac Download Store, Amazon will give you $5 off your first purchase through June 1st, so get downloading.

[via MacRumors]