Banks Ditching Blackberries For iPhones


Photo by .mused™ -
Photo by .mused™ -

Don’t bank on BlackBerry-maker Research in Motion owning the enterprise. RIM devices are being hurled into the trash at financial institutions as more and more bankers turn to the iPhone.

Deutsche Bank is the highest-profile bank to permit job-related iPhones, destroying RIM’s once-comfortable lock on enterprise mobility. Although its a pilot program, there’s no guessing the final result.

“One of my co-workers doesn’t even use his BlackBerry anymore,” an employee tells Business Insider. “He just leaves it plugged in and forwards the calls to his iPhone.” Like Union Bank before it, Deutsche Bank uses Good, an app that encrypts and decrypts employee emails. Interestingly, the software supports only the iPhone and Android.

Along with providing a appearance, the software offers internal links, such as a company’s intranet.

While Deutsche Bank is the first high-profile Wall Street bank to adopt the security software, companies tend to have a herd mentality. This pilot program could push heavyweights, such as Morgan Stanley, Goldman and Bank of America to follow suite.