Watch This Guy Build The Crappiest ‘iPad 3’ Ever [Video]



Here, have a barf. Watch this guy assemble a random assemblage of PC parts, cram them into a tablet chassis, install Windows XP on the resulting mess and then have the sheer audacity to emblazon it with an Apple logo and call it the iPad 3… all to a soundtrack of nu-metal-for-fratties band Linkin Park, as apparently broadcast by AM radio to a receiver made out of a tin can.

I totally admit, I’m posting this against my better judgment… but what the hell is this guy playing at? Everything about this video is just awful. Calling that monstrosity an iPad 3 is one thing — I suppose it is much like the local filth-encrusted wino with the lazy eye claiming to be Sir Lawrence Olivier — but jeez, couldn’t he at least have Hackintoshed it?

  • Rlj360

    A Frankenstein mixture that is in no way even worthy of being associated with an iPad, try an Acer instead

  • David Bowman

    i think its rad…

  • George

    Look at the size of it! I had an IBM about 15 years ago that was as thick as that.

  • Joeyuuu

    thats actually pretty amazing.

  • Abraham

    the music is so shitty, I had to skip to the very end of the vid

  • CHB

    Obviously, he got us to watch his so-called ‘iPad 3’ production.

  • Andreas Ruecker


  • Wind_stopper

    Actually kind of like it. Sure, product is not top-notch, but the craftsmanship and the process are pretty neat.

  • anonymous

    I used to really like this blog, but i cant help but feel that articles now cater for a site mainly populated by close minded apple fanboys who believe and spread rumor after rumor on even the most unlikely apple developments with little grounding and slamming anything that isn’t apple related. I like apple products a lot. But respect where its due. Could you build something like this? I suggest instead of slating someones creativity you give the guy some credit for having a go.

    And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop calling stuff “insertproblemhere”gate. WTF. Antennagate was called such because putting your finger across the antenna’s created a “Gate” Glassgate, Speakergate…….. c’mon. Who makes up this sh!t

  • Gordon_Keenan

    He created something! Unsure if it’s of any use to anyone other than himself, but he did it!
    Let’s see some of the bitching people on here show off their own creativity!

  • John Marshall

    Antennagate was called such because of Watergate. Just like every other “gate” before and after it.

  • Blacksheep6713

    I’ve never posted a “complaint” post on here but:
    This guy made a neat custom tablet project and you in turn talk very negatively about it? Why? Sure the music is terrible (it takes different strokes to move the world) but the project is cool and well crafted. Sure a guy in his garage isn’t going to provide Apple Caliber results. Chill out and enjoy neat DIY projects for what they are.

  • CharliK

    Not sure I’d call what he built a tablet and frankly it wasn’t that neat. It is clunky and ugly and even a guy in his garage can do better on that front. 

  • CharliK

    I can sum up what this site has become in two words. 

    Hit Fodder. 

    they will post whatever they think will get hits. However they think will get the most hits. 

  • Blacksheep6713

    It is touchscreen, that’s pretty much the only requirement to be deemed a “tablet”. Plus it is not as big and clunky as a lot of the low end tablets recently released. Can you post some pictures of the projects YOU have recently made? That way we can see your position for criticism. 
    I look forward to seeing them.

  • brownlee

    It’s not really neat. It’s actually just ill-considered. More over, the video is both irritating to experience thanks to terrible music and, well, boring due to an interminable length. There’s a LOT to criticize here.

  • brownlee

    Well, I once sculpted a life-like bust of Steve Jobs out of my own excrement. Here, let me rub it in your face. Don’t like it? Well, unless you’ve made your OWN life-like bust of Steve Jobs out of excrement, you can’t complain, apparently.

  • brownlee

    My lamborghini thanks you for all the page views, Lucas! Woo ha ha ha ha!

  • John Stram

    Am I seriously the first person to notice its running WINDOWS?

  • Didnt Work

    haha, yeah first pic in the video

  • aga

    Well John, I actually enjoy your posts, although I never know who is the author until I page down and can see. But seriously, you get paid extra for each time someone opens one of your posts? Way to go!

    By the way, I notice you changed your “About the Author” since my comment that you have not been playing much cribbage for a while (13 game winning streak), and some how the new blurb has been applied to all you earlier posts. You still have not told me the name of you budgie!

  • aga

    Does not play on an iPad! Come on John Brownlee,, this is Cult of Mac, not Cult of PC!

  • Un_FollowMe

    John Brownie writes so much shit, sometimes its hard to believe he doesnt talk out his ass. I really dont know why i still bother reading his articles, I DONT WANT YOUR OPINION JOHNIE, I JUST WANT THE NEWS!! 

  • Cody

    Does anyone else have the link to this video or did this guy remove it after he got ragged on so much?

  • J. Rodrigues

    I really don’t understand how Browniee is paid for doing shit… (r u really being paid?)

    99% of his articles are completely useless.

    But this one wasn’t! I was happy to see someone doing something that (I suppose) he loves…

    And Browniee, please, please stop writing! it will really make my rss page much better!

  • Jordan Clay

    “iPad 3″”???

    More like “Crappy Prototype Windows Touch Tablet from 2000. VS. .1”

  • Dean

    The boy got mad caliper skillz…
    Time lapse is good, but editing would be even better
    All in all, an interesting DIY project

  • Mike Rathjen

    What does this have to do with Apple?

    Can I just stick an Apple sticker on anything and it will be news?

  • littlepecker

    I agree he shouldn’t have put the apple logo on it, but all the bullshit comments from the ignorant masses that probably have a hard time tying their own shoes is just so, well, so apple.  Make a better one, then rag on the guy for trying something others didn’t.

  • oneonmai

    i agree with Richard…others who complaint cant even DIY sh|t for themself…its a cool project.

  • Guest

    But will it blend?

  • Chris

    that’s how those chinese copies are made

  • CharliK

    I’m particularly shocked that you can’t even be bothered to get a person’s name right. You rarely bother with facts anyway. 

    So how much money do you make when the ads don’t load cause the user blocks them. Hope it’s a lot

  • CharliK

    Problem with that logic is that Watergate was named Watergate because that was the name of the building where the break in happened. Not that it had something to do with Water. 

    making -gate mean scandal is as lame as sticking i- on the name of a device. or trying to trademark that practice