Apple Chasing Samsung to Supply AMOLED Display to iPad 3?


Photo courtesy of Flickr user CCS Insight
Photo courtesy of Flickr user CCS Insight

One of the best attributes of Samsung’s Galaxy S smartphone series is that beautiful AMOLED display, which could find its way into Apple’s third-generation iPad and finally deliver that Retina display iPad we’re all longing for. However, we’re skeptical Apple and Samsung will shake hands on this occasion.

According to a report in The Korea Herald, industry sources have revealed that Apple is trying to persuade Samsung to supply its AMOLED displays for the iPad 3. One source said:

Apple wants to tap into Samsung’s AMOLED technology for an upgraded version of the iPad2, considered as many as the iPad3 that is likely to be launched toward the end of this year.

Tim Cook, Apple’s acting CEO while Steve Jobs is on medical leave, is believed to have offered Samsung an advance on its AMOLED displays during a visit to South Korea last week. However, Samsung is yet to use AMOLED displays in its own Android tablet yet, and after announcing the first ‘Retina’ display for tablets two weeks ago, I’m unconvinced it would hand over this technology to a rival product – especially considering the two companies are suing each other.

Even if Samsung was game, I don’t think Apple would use its AMOLED screens in the iPad. Firstly, Samsung’s new Retina display is 10.1-inches, and bigger than the 9.7-inch displays used in Apple’s current iPads. I can’t envisage iPads increasing in size to accommodate this display.

In addition to this, Apple is said to prefer conventional RGB stripe displays over Samsung’s PenTile matrix, which are used in the iPhone 4′s Retina display.

What makes these claims even more far-fetched is that the sources give the Pad 3 a 2011 release date, which, despite recent speculation, is inconceivable in the same year the iPad 2 launched.

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