Apple Chasing Samsung to Supply AMOLED Display to iPad 3?


Photo courtesy of Flickr user CCS Insight
Photo courtesy of Flickr user CCS Insight

One of the best attributes of Samsung’s Galaxy S smartphone series is that beautiful AMOLED display, which could find its way into Apple’s third-generation iPad and finally deliver that Retina display iPad we’re all longing for. However, we’re skeptical Apple and Samsung will shake hands on this occasion.

According to a report in The Korea Herald, industry sources have revealed that Apple is trying to persuade Samsung to supply its AMOLED displays for the iPad 3. One source said:

Apple wants to tap into Samsung’s AMOLED technology for an upgraded version of the iPad2, considered as many as the iPad3 that is likely to be launched toward the end of this year.

Tim Cook, Apple’s acting CEO while Steve Jobs is on medical leave, is believed to have offered Samsung an advance on its AMOLED displays during a visit to South Korea last week. However, Samsung is yet to use AMOLED displays in its own Android tablet yet, and after announcing the first ‘Retina’ display for tablets two weeks ago, I’m unconvinced it would hand over this technology to a rival product – especially considering the two companies are suing each other.

Even if Samsung was game, I don’t think Apple would use its AMOLED screens in the iPad. Firstly, Samsung’s new Retina display is 10.1-inches, and bigger than the 9.7-inch displays used in Apple’s current iPads. I can’t envisage iPads increasing in size to accommodate this display.

In addition to this, Apple is said to prefer conventional RGB stripe displays over Samsung’s PenTile matrix, which are used in the iPhone 4′s Retina display.

What makes these claims even more far-fetched is that the sources give the Pad 3 a 2011 release date, which, despite recent speculation, is inconceivable in the same year the iPad 2 launched.

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  • Joseph

    Why couldn’t Samsung use the same technology on a 9.7-inch screen? Every other screen technology can be incorporated into screens of various sizes.

  • Christian Park

    yah deffinately not going to happen cause apple is in a lawsuit with samsung. so idk.

  • Dan1400

    This would have been a great idea before Apple started to sue Samsung. I have an ipad2 and a Samsung Epic and the Epics screen is much nicer and brighter than the ipad2.

    An ipad 3 with a Super AMOLED Plus screen would be awesome.

    Way to plan ahead Apple.

  • CharliK

    The truth is more likely that Cook was visiting due to something with the lawsuits. 

    Or Apple is willing to test before they refuse. Which is just good design practice

  • Sean Liu

    Don’t worry guys, companies these can sue each other and do business at the same time.

  • Hobin5148

    Pentile vs IPS?

    Color filter pattern technology vs liquid crystalline structure technology?

    Thats like comparing a computer monitor with a CPU. They are TWO COMPLETELY different structures!!

  • Hobin5148

    Because Samsung is boss like that. They can do whatever they want. In fact, they are the largest manufacturer of flat panel screens. They’ve practically CREATED the market for 7″ and 10.1″ tablets by manufacutring them and making them available for OEMS to adopt.

    Samsung has enough scale to push and pull the market like that. They are an enormous influence on the ENTIRE electronics industry. They have a hand in practically EVERYTHING electronic: from components to large industrial electronics robots.

  • Hobin5148

    Killian Bell,

    why are you comparing a color filter with a liquid crystal strucutre?

    Do you not know the difference?

    There are 3 major parts that go into an LCD:

    1) Back light

    2) Color filter

    3) liquid crystal glass

    Pentile is a name for a matrix of color filter pattern.

    IPS is a technology used for the liquid crystal glass structure.

    To compare these two against each other is not an APPROPRIATE comparison at all.

    A proper comparison would be:

    Pentile vs RGB ( You should’ve wrriten that Apple prefers an RGB pattern vs a Pentile pattern)

    IPS vs PLS 

    Do you now see the difference?

  • Hobin5148

    I expected a technology writer to be smarter than this. I’m highly disappointed.

  • KillianBell

    How silly of me to confuse the two. I appreciate your comment — I have now updated the post. Thank you.


  • superamoled

    In the last days there are some rumors that Apple want to use OLEDs in their IPAD-3. Now we give you the hard facts why this rumor is NOT true.Samsungs first production line from the 5.5G line starts the production in the next two weeks.This first stage of production will turn out 24,000 substratesper month. Samsung Mobile display want to ramp up 3 lines of that 5.5G line, the monthly output of 4-inch panels can increase up to 8 million every month.
    The market research company isuppli Isuppli thinks that could be possible in end of 2011.We know that this will be possible in the second quarter of 2012 because of the japanese earthquacke and the demand of panels. Another reason is thatSamsung delay the investments for for the 6-9 inch size which are for the Tablet-Pc market to 2012.Samsung Mobile Display will concentrate on small-and medium sized panels with these two 5.5G lines. Samsung want to produce a 7 inch Galaxy Tab which using a OLED Display. Isuppli thinks that this can not be reached befor 2013. We think that this can be possible in 2012 for 7 inch panels.Check out our full article with more facts:

  • ConceptVBS


    “In addition to this, Apple is said to prefer
    conventional RGB stripe displays over Samsung’s PenTile matrix, which
    are used in the iPhone 4?s Retina display and are said to increase
    viewing angles.”

    Pentil and RGB patterns has NOTHING to do with VIEWING ANGLES.

    Its a color filter pattern.

    The viewing angles are affected by liquid crystalline structures on top namely: IPS and PLS.

    You really have no clue do you?

    Are you in need of a technical advisor?

  • Joseph

    Thanks for the non-answer.