Nisus Writer Pro Updated, Lots Of New Features Added



Nisus Writer Pro, a venerable word processor for Mac OS X, recently got updated to version 2.0, with some very welcome additions to the features list.

First among those is track changes, a very popular feature with editors everywhere. There’s also better saving-as-PDF, a vertical ruler, watermarks, drawing tools, and plenty more.

Nisus isn’t as well known as some of its rivals, so permit me to briefly explain its appeal. It’s a serious tool for serious word processing, but spares you the bloat and the sluggishness of Microsoft Word.

It’s true that TextEdit, the rich text editor that comes with every Mac, is perfectly sufficient for many writing tasks. And it’s true that Word cornered the word processing market many years ago, and has become the standard for many people. For a lot of computer users, Word is the first icon they’ll click on any time they have to write anything, it’s just what they’re used to.

But Nisus Writer occupies the middle ground between those extremes, and does so with some aplomb. It’s built with writers in mind, and comes with some features (such as the built-in Document Manager) designed specifically to save you time and maintain the writing flow with the minimum of disruption.

A standard license costs $79, upgrades from 1.x are $49, and a family pack of three licenses will set you back $99. More at

  • prof_peabody

    I wish someone would make something like this for iOS.  I find it so distracting and unpleasant to write on my computer, now that I have an iPad.  

  • Boris

    Is it better than Pages? 

  • cheesy11

    looks like a photoshop for words

  • fruitceik

    How does it compare to Scrivener?

  • gilest

    That’s hard to say. Each has its merits. I’d suggest you try them both and reach your own conclusion (Nisus has a 15-day trial period)

  • gilest

    They’re very different. Nisus is about documents. Scrivener is about projects. Scrivener is designed to help you bring together many snippets of writing, plus all the background research, and keep it together in one place. It makes combining, editing, and moving those snippets around very easy. 

  • Joshua Stockwell

    I see it has pine numbering, but does it support paragraph numbering?

  • Joshua Stockwell

    *line numbering*

  • fruitceik


  • Boris

    Thank you, will do that.