Check Out This Guy’s Amazing Guitar Solo on an iPad




One of the best things about Apple is how focused they are on allowing their users to bring out their own creativity through the use of their devices. One of our talented readers, George, tweeted us a link to his awesome guitar solo video on YouTube. We’re not a music-centric blog, but we think the composition is pretty neat when you consider that he’s made the entire song on his iPad. If you have something remarkable you’ve created on your iPad and would like to share it with us, get on Twitter and send us a link (@cultofmac). We’d love to show your work off for you.

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63 responses to “Check Out This Guy’s Amazing Guitar Solo on an iPad”

  1. vig0 says:

    calling it ‘amazing’ is a bit of a stretch. Is it interesting how he/she used the ipad to produce a song, yes… but it’s anything but ‘amazing’.

  2. cheesy11 says:

    that dudes really good, i guess he spent a good while before making this video

  3. [Deleted User] says:

    I’m waiting for you to email us something better then

  4. Anton Soze says:

    The fact that he created this piece on a $5 piece of software, combined with his obvious talent, IS amazing on two counts—what Apple brings to the table and this musician’s ability in general….both musical and technical.  I was shaking my head in amazement with just how cool it is do be able to do something like this without the need of full accompaniment and a studio.  Amazing indeed!

  5. Adam Rosen says:

    Nice job.  Was the video edited on the iPad also?  I’m continually impressed at how versatile this device can be. 

  6. rhythmhub says:

    Wow…that was great..! I saw another artist here is the link… she used it a bit differently..but she does another great job.

  7. TheMacAdvocate says:

    That’s like saying your comment is anything but trolling.

  8. Jeff Schader says:

     I second Buster’s reply. Put up or shut up vig0.

  9. chano says:

    Thank you Buster.
    This was good…good.

  10. Toodlestoo says:

    Is that the new Garage band for ipad?

  11. Bluesis says:

    Yep, I’d say he’s pretty dang amazing too! Suck it up Vig0. You’re just jealous.

  12. Lambros George says:

    Thanks for your nice words people! I actually made this! (yes i am George Lambros)

  13. catbusrider says:

    Very, very cool.

  14. Lechatlsse says:

    Cringeworthy.  There are a lot of people making amazing music with Apple devices, this is as bad as it gets. CHEESE.

  15. wlym says:

    That was awesome. The solo made me smile.

  16. Jeronimo5000 says:

    Comment buried. Show

    At first I thought you meant *me* :)

    Just last night I uploaded a video of me playing “Thunderstruck”:


  17. Koray Onart says:

    What is this songs name, who plays it originally, very nice song and very nice job.

  18. PeterParker says:

    oh my god, i am shivering. this is super

  19. Tsbush says:

    You a truly gifted musician George, regardless of the instrument. Really compelling song. Kudos to you!

  20. Dlang says:

    Wow! That is really great.

  21. Caseyayers says:

    This is awesome, I hope that this guy gets the chance to check out our Kickstarter project for, an iPad case that lets you wear an iPad like a guitar to perform live!

  22. Graham G Parker says:

    You obviously don’t appreciate quality

  23. Ianrgrubb says:

    Brilliant! We are on the verge of a whole new global phenomenon of sharing and enjoying home made, not for profit music. Bring it on!

  24. Glennh says:

    Ironic that you don’t give a link but, instead, choose to put up a big Flash screen…which many Apple users cannot see!

  25. Tpierry says:

    It plays fine on my iPad.

  26. Adrian says:

    i think it’s a song I’d love to listen many times from now on…

  27. Helen Dixon says:

    OMG! This is simply amazing to me! The song is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing this!  ;-)

  28. Cybermystic says:

    Not amazing at all.  More like totally incredible!!  Superb piece of work.

  29. Sorry. says:

    Not that creative, nor that talented. Anybody can write a song with a four chords, a basic drum beat and some finger-picking. And I imagine that a guitar solo is much easier on an iPad than it is on an actual guitar. Besides, this sounds like every other rock-ballad I’ve ever heard. Try picking up an actual instrument instead of playing around on your little touchscreen.

  30. Todaysbeats says:

    This is absolutely amazing!!! I have a video I produced using the ipad 2, I wanted to know if you could make high quality hip hop production on it, tell me what you think:

  31. tom says:

    Wow amazing. This was great.

  32. Jesse Torres says:

    This is me shreddin on my iPadizzle!


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