Get More Out Of QuickTime X [Video How-To]



When Apple released QuickTime X with Mac OS X Snow Leopard, it seemed like little more than another version of QuickTime with a new User Interface. In reality though, there are quite a few features either new to QuickTime X, or previously only available in the Professional version, that make it much more than just a media player. In this video, you’ll see how you can get more use out of QuickTime X.

  • twitter-227677332

    How do you enable “Line In” Input? I’m on a MBP 13″ 2011 and the only option that appears is the built-in microphone :-/

  • EasyOSX

    I use Quicktime for my blog’s screencasts (  For me it does get the job done, though it certainly doesn’t get as high quality as something like ScreenFlow

  • Michael Steeber

    True, QuickTime’s screen recorder has some compression. The one coming in Lion is better though, plus you can enable mouse rings like I have in these so when you click you get visual feedback. 

  • dcj001

    Here’s some information about using SoundFlower to capture your Mac’s sound when doing a screen recording:

  • Michael Steeber

    On The 13″ MBP, there is only one jack that doubles as the headphone jack and audio in. Try going into the sound tab in System Preferences and looking. Otherwise the option may only show up when a device is plugged in. 

  • EasyOSX

    That would certainly be very handy.

  • fortninety

    This has been BY FAR the most helpful installment of How To. This entire time I stuck by Quicktime 7 because I had no idea how to edit in X! Thanks a ton!!!

  • poppa1138

    good video,useful thanks

  • twitter-227677332

    Thanks! Changing the function of the Audio Port to Receive Sound made the trick :) 

  • cheesy11

    thanks for the video, time to put it into practice

  • Ladd

    One feature I lost when moving from QuickTime 7 to QuickTime X was the ability to rotate the film clips taken from my digital camera. If I had the camera turned portrait when I took the clip, they would be appear landscape when imported into iPhoto. I used to used QuickTime 7 to rotate the film clips, then import them into iPhoto.

    Is there any way to do that with QuickTime X?

    I tried dragging QuickTime 7 application from my old Mac OS X install to my new Mac OS install, but it won’t let me give it my QuickTime Pro key to enable the editing features, so I’m stuck.

  • Mamaia

    nice, useful post!

  • sebzar

    There are still a lot of limitations with QuickTime X over QuickTime 7 (Pro). For example, it is no longer possible in QuickTime X to open and stream MMS: urls. I think Apple removed a lot of things from QuickTime X that they shouldn’t have. 

  • Michael Steeber

    If you put in your Snow Leopard install disk, I believe there is an option to install Quicktime 7. Try that. 

  • Pauly

    Late reply here, but I liked this video.  I didn’t realize these features were built in.  Thanks