How Smart Is An iPad 2 Smart Cover When It Comes To Headbutting Concrete? [Video]



Apple’s Smart Cover for iPad 2 is great for protecting your iPad’s display from nicks and scrapes while in your gadget bag, but how good is it actually protecting your iPad 2 when it goes flying from your butterfingers to skitter across the concrete pavement?

As this admittedly squeamish video from third-party warranty sellers SquareTrade makes clear, pretty well. Falling flat on concrete from waist high, the Smart Cover is enough to save your iPad 2’s display from any marrings.

It even does pretty well protecting the iPad 2 dropped from shoulder height: there’s a few light crackings of the display, but it’s not too bad, and mostly seems to be due to the Smart Cover’s magnetic cover tearing off in the fall.

Don’t try this at home.