Google Will Beat Apple To NFC Payments By Over A Year



The iPhone isn’t likely to get NFC-capabilities allowing it to function as a credit card until 2012, according to most reports, but Apple’s biggest competitor in the smartphone arena has no intention of waiting so long: Google is preparing to unveil their own mobile payment system on May 26th.

According to Bloomberg, Google’s new mobile payment system will leverage the NFC chips found in some Android phones — specifically, those available on Sprint/Nextel, like Google’s Nexus S 4G — and allow them to be used at NFC-equipped cash registers, paying for goods and service with a mere wave.

Previously, Google was rumored to be teaming up with Mastercard and Citigroup for a mobile payment service. It looks like those rumors might soon see fruition.

If so, and if Apple doesn’t enter the mobile payment arena until 2012, as suggested, Google will have quite the leg up on Apple when it comes to NFC payments. Of course, that’s not always a good thing: Google recently beat Apple to the cloud with their Google Music Beta service, a service that is widely said to be thin on features compared to Apple’s own offering, to be debuted at next month’s WWDC. Will Google Mobile Payments be the same, or is a year lead time plenty of time for Google to shore up the market?

  • cheesy11

    hmm im not for this creditcard phone integration market just yet

  • Bugbytes Security

    Heehee I bet it will be more insecure than we can imagine- if you want to get the lead in a product, don’t scratch a prototype up and release it, carefully but efficiently develop it and release it in time so you have a great product that didn’t exactly come first, but was first in quality. Then again, I’m an Apple freak, so why am I giving valuable business advice to Google? :)

  • prof_peabody

    Just for perspective … Google didn’t really “beat Apple to the cloud with their Music service.”  

    Google’s “music service” is just a hard drive in the cloud that you can upload your music to and then stream from it.  That particular “music service” (if you can call it that), has been a part of MobileMe for at least a year already.  Apple’s “music service” on the other hand, (once it arrives), will no doubt actually *be* a music service.  

  • CharliK

    how much of a leg up can Google have, at least in the US, when the only widespread NFC is select gas stations and metro systems. Oh wait, I forgot. I think you can use NFC at McDonalds. Tap for that heart attack, thunder thighs and muffin top.

  • CharliK

    What he said. 

  • Xzarcx

    From what we have all seen in the Tech industry, it really does not matter who beats who to the market due to the speed at which the technology is improving and growing. Who knows Motorola, Apple etc may come up with a new or beter NFC tech or service in the future which wil dwarf what ever big G is lunching now.

    The iPhone, iPad and Kindle are all good examples of how tech/industries are reinvented.

  • Stephen Haggar

    Well NFC sounds cool, and I’m sure I will like it and use it, but I don’t mind waiting for Apple’s implementation. That’s something I wouldn’t like to take part in as a half baked form. I just want it to work. Take your time Apple.

  • Robert Norris Hills

    No. Google DID BEAT apple to their cloud music player. 
    Apple is releasing a buy music product which is separate. Google has never been about selling music. Apple is. 

  • Global Philosopher

    It isn’t a matter of being first. It is a matter of being the best (or close enough). Short term…first to market is beneficial, but long term being best is the best option becuase it builds reputataion and brand loyalty.

  • Global Philosopher

    What they said.

  • cheesy11

    they took their time, but eventually got there!

  • oxfdblue

    I’ve had a Windows PC seemingly forever.  I have had an Android phone (MyTouch 4g) since last November.  I’ve had an iPad 2 for just short of a month.

    My next computer- an iMac.
    My next phone- an iPhone
    My next tablet… probably an iPad 4

    So Android gets NFC before Apple.  Really not important.

  • Rb

    NFC is super insecure. I am hoping square catches on. Square just needs to go for the big boys to have a chance.

  • Xzarcx

    @48886a916eab546a62aeb2b322482ccb:disqus Magnetic strips was said to be secure, Chip and PIN, 256 key encryption, and even biometric authentication were all said to be secured when they were first introduced. But for what you and I know today, they are all not secured as advertised, so its just a matter of time before the weaklink in NFC discovered.

  • ctt1wbw

    Yeah, we beat Apple to the NFC thingy by a year!  Now.  Where the hell can we use it at?

  • poppa1138

    NFC will only be useful if adopted by the masses,after all the recent stories about hacked accounts doing the rounds,will most people trust spending money through NFC,I will not be using it until I am confident it will be 100% secure,

  • aggarwal_rahul

     With the biggest 3 carriers
    teaming up with ISIS for NFC payments, Sprint was left out to be caught by
    Google for its NFC payment program. This new mobile payment service will mean
    that consumers will be able to pay for goods and redeem handsets via specially
    equipped NFC cash registers. With this update, I am feeling that iphone also
    will get itself NFC capable in future.  

  • Patranus

    So now Google can track what I am buying?


  • Jon Grumm

    There just better be an option to turn the shit off. I have zero desire for this.

  • chano

    You end up saying nothing except to confirm, yet again, that you are a fan of premature ejaculation.

  • Poctopus

    Guess, all smart phone companies had had-start of a decade before Apple got to the game and see how did the work out for everyone. Google NFC will go Google Wave, Buzz, Orkut way. Too many parties involved here for a coherent solution that Apple loves to provide.