Update: Edit My Apple Product Roadmap



Think I really blew it with some key part of the Apple Product Roadmap? Here’s your chance to do it one better.

I have uploaded the file I created to SlideShare (unfortunately, they convert to PowerPoint, but I did it and brought it back to Keynote and it looks right). Feel free to take it, add images, remove some, add commentary and just generally get creative with it. Then, when you’re finished, upload your finished file as a PDF to scribd and send me the link – I’ll provide links to the coolest stuff you come up with.

Get the file! 

4 responses to “Update: Edit My Apple Product Roadmap”

  1. Peter Zapf says:

    Have you pictured Apple’s QuickTake camera, circa 1993?

  2. Alexander Weiss says:

    It’s funny how clear this shows when Steve came back… The Macs after ’97 look totally different and really nice!