iPad 2 Production Stops As Foxconn Closes All Polishing Plants For Investigation



The tragic explosion at a iPad 2 polishing plant in Chengdu has already killed three and wounded dozens, and the closing of that facility could affect iPad 2 supply by up to 30%.

In the short term, iPad 2 supply is likely to get even worse, as Foxconn has just closed all of its polishing plants across China for investigation.

At issue is the explosive aluminum dust that fills the air of Foxconn’s polishing plants, and which ignited at Chengdu.

Right now, the investigation is only supposed to take a couple of days, but if there are any safety issues discovered, fixing them could take an indefinite amount of time.

As for Chengdu, when that polishing plant will go back live is stiill unknown, but if it’s capacity isn’t restored soon, it could affect both Foxconn and Apple’s bottom line, and might even lead to Apple migrating to some of Foxconn’s competitors for portions of the iPad 2 assembly process.

6 responses to “iPad 2 Production Stops As Foxconn Closes All Polishing Plants For Investigation”

  1. E Sizzle says:

    hmmm….i just ordered another one yesterday and they gave me a June 7 delivery date.  i wonder if that will hold. 

  2. Bill says:

    finely divided dust is always a problem , just look at grain silo explosions from wheat dust .
    the solutions are pretty lo tech a pan of water under the polishing lathe will do the trick and help to recycle the aluminum they actually make pans like that for the jewelry industry 

  3. trrosen says:

    More crap sensationalism from Brownlee the wonder moron!

    Production has not stopped period. Even at the plant where the explosion occurred only the polishing operation was damaged and Foxconn has already stated that they have several weeks worth of supplies of the polished parts. There is no expectation of any serious delays to iPad production.

    Question is is Brownlee just a really crappy writer and person or does he think writing sensational posts with no facts can manipulate Apple’s stock price.