Is This The Rear Casing For The iPhone 5?



These images purportedly depict the new rear cover for Apple’s fifth-generation iPhone, but how genuine are they?

Components allegedly destined for the iPhone 5 surfaced last week and revealed that the camera lens and LED flash on the next device could be divorced and located on separate corners of the device, and were backed up by a case for the device discovered on the trade site Alibaba.

Several mockups of what the iPhone might look like with this redesign cropped up shortly after the components were revealed, but these photographs published by claim to be more than just mockups, and instead a genuine rear casing for the iPhone 5.

The images are currently unverified and boast the customary blur that we’ve become used to with “leaked” parts, however, we can clearly see two holes located in the top two corner. Both are identical to the holes currently featured on the iPhone 4 for the camera lens and flash, but they no longer reside closely next to one another.

While I may be uneducated on the tremendous tool that is Adobe Photoshop, I can imagine images like are relatively easy to create.

  • jayjaytee

    You answered your own question. “No.” And yet sites like this just can’t stop feeding the rumor mill…

  • azzy223

    I cry fake. 

    If you look very close, the camera taking the picture can be seen. its an iphone. or fake iphone? because the camera has no flash next to it. but has an apple logo. 

    You can see if closely on the reflection, either thet they have a iphone 4/5 to use but i doubt it :)