iPad 2 Jailbreak On Track For Imminent Deployment



The Chronic Dev Team are a wonderful and ingenious bunch of guys, but they aren’t exactly the most punctual of hackers. It’s common for it to take months for the latest version of iOS or the newest iDevice to be cracked. So when Chronic Dev Team member p0sixninja recently said that we were “weeks” away from an iPad 2 jailbreak, we were skeptical we’d actually see it anytime soon.

On the contrary, says the Chronic Dev Team. You can consider that a promise.

According to the Chronic Dev Team, the iPad 2 jailbreak is coming along nicely, and they’re going to hold p0sixninja’s feet to the fire to make their deadline.

As I’m sure many people have heard, Josh (posixninja) has recently been quoted saying the iPad 2 jailbreak is coming in “weeks”, I know I have been very publicly abrasive and non-commital on giving any kind of timeframe or comment on this matter, but at the behest of Josh (in conjunction with his need for a swift kick to the ass for motivation) we’re ALL going to hold him to that!!! I’m not going to get into extensive detail about this, but what I will say one of the missing puzzle pieces may have reared its head and cast a glance in our direction… take from that what you will.

Even better? It looks like when the iPad 2 jailbreak comes out, it’ll work not only on iOS 4.3, but iOS 4.3.x. Can’t wait!

  • Sin Ho

    Awesome!!! Cant wait indeed

  • James Davis

    Shiny! Still have mine on 4.3.1 as it came out of the box – won’t be touching that until the jailbreak appears.

  • C-Sizzle

     I’ve JB’d all my iPhones, but I haven’t seen anything compelling to jailbreak the iPad.  Can someone please list some must have iPad apps in Cydia?

  • schwachs

    InfiniDock, InfiniFolders, and 3G Unrestrictor. And maybe a tether hack or two. Nothing compelling like BiteSMS on the iPhone but still a nice upgrade w/ little downside.  

  • Charles

    I cant recall the name but one that forces iPhone only apps into iPad mode. And SBSettings wouldn’t hurt. 

  • cheesy11

    i cannot wait, looks like those rumors of having to pay for the jb were in fact, just rumors

  • billobob

    ANDROID/WEBOS STYLE NOTIFICATIONS! While I still prefer the iPad overall iOS notifications are terrible, and its an even bigger problem on tablets.

  • Joeyuuu

    Does anyone here think it’ll work for firmware 4.3.3?

  • Joeyuuu

    I wonder why mine came 4.3.3 out the box.. Got it about 2 weeks ago…

  • Jessy

    Frash. Seamless flash support in mobile safari.

  • Jessy

    Frash. Seamless flash support in mobile safari.

  • jahoys

    i think its Full Force

  • Hampus

    While it is a problem, may I ask how it is a bigger problem? On the tablet you have got one of the sources of notifications eliminated sms/mms messages

  • Linda

    Mine also came with 4.3.3 I’m sad lol hope jb works, I received mine last week on weds…

  • k

    Why is BiteSMS compelling?

  • schwachs

    For the iPhone? The ability to send and receive texts on top of applications without actually leaving them is something Apple should have put in iOS years ago – and will be surprised if it’s not in 5.0… but who knows… check out bitesms.com for more info.