Has Verizon Memo Leaked Apple’s Plans to Launch a 64GB iPhone 4?



The idea that Apple would launch a 64GB iPhone 4 months before the release of a fifth-generation iPhone seems ludicrous to me, but memos recently published by a Verizon retailer mention a “White iPhone 4 (32 and 64gb)” in the small print, and have sparked speculation that the device is on its way.

Russell Cellular circulated the memos last week which were picked up by This Is My Next. While many of us would instantly dismiss this as a typo, This Is My Next writes:

… but the launch seems totally plausible considering that it’d take Apple very little effort to make that change on the assembly line. In other words, even though development of the next iPhone (whatever it ends up being called) is obviously well underway, there’s no reason to think that Apple, Verizon, AT&T, and everyone else wouldn’t mind giving the current model a summer-long shot in the arm courtesy of an easy capacity boost.

Though it may be easy for Apple to produce a 64GB iPhone 4, would the Cupertino company really bother launching a third model of the device just months before announcing the fifth-generation iPhone? I personally don’t think so.

This isn’t the first time a 64GB iPhone 4 has hit the headlines, however: back in April a prototype device was discovered running a test version of iOS and packing 64GB of storage. But I still say it’s a typo.

  • Robdog

     Of course, they cant fall even further before their android rivals. 

  • Brendan Hauville

     So sick of Apple pushing the iPhone 4, If they come out with a 64G iPhone 4 instead of a new iPhone, I will be very disappointed. If i didn’t want to change my current 3GS to a 4 when it was first released, the fact they have a white one or possibly one with more storage wont suddenly make me change my mind. 

  • nak

     I think the real leak here is that Apple is going to rename the iPhone “Iconic Xperia.”

  • Roberto Barreto

    I think we’ll have 64GB for 2 reasons: First that’ll prove Apple’s contracts that we’ve heard a time ago about flash storage exclusivity. Second: Because none of the Androids have it, it would be a great feature so that people can choose Iphone instead of “droids”.

  • Jon Grumm

    More likely a Verizon employee screwed up

  • aquraishi

     It could be a mistake (@Grumm, @Xserve) or it could be real. If real it makes sense – Apple’s not launching the 5 until this fall. A 64GB white phone would drive some additional sales to make up for the late launch.

  • Guest

     good for you Apple does not care you already bought one

  • cheesy11

    a 64gb iphone 4?when your looking at releasing a supposed iphone 5 in a few months time, i dont think its logical