iPhone 5 to Get Curves, Lose Flat Display


Image courtesy of Applesnowleo on Flickr

Just as you thought you’d heard all of the rumors surrounding the fifth-generation iPhone, we have a brand new one for you that claims the device could feature a “curved cover glass.”

Apple has purchased 200-300 glass cutting machines necessary for producing curved glass displays, according to industry sources speaking to DigiTimes. While the high cost of this equipment makes cover glass suppliers reluctant to invest in the technology themselves, Apple has used some of its own cash to provide them with the machines.

There’s still no indication of when we’ll see the device, though:

There has been no timetable yet for the volume production of iPhone 5 as Apple is currently still working with related suppliers including those involved in cover glass, glass cutting, lamination and touch sensors to improve yield rates, the sources commented.

The Samsung Nexus S was the first smartphone to adopt a concave curved glass display, which is said to improve usability over a perfectly flat display, according to Samsung’s research. However, the iPhone 5 could be about to follow in its footsteps.

It’s hard to predict what kind of design an iPhone with a curved display may adopt, but it certainly won’t be identical to the iPhone 4 – which is what many reports have predicted for the fifth-generation device.

[via MacRumors]

  • Robert Norris Hills

     The only question now is which android device are they copying. 


    I know right. Its either Samsung S curving or HTC sensations ridge around the outside.

    Cant wait to see all the iPHANS yelling out YAY INNERVATION AGAIN BY APPLE!!!! 

  • KillianBell

    Because Apple always copies Android devices, doesn’t it?

  • davidk

    Android before the iPhone was released: http://www.engadget.com/2007/1

    Android after the iPhone was released:

    Who is copying whom now?

  • cheesy11

    even then apple would sue android for copyright infringement

  • KillianBell

    Point well made.

  • AK

    Hahaa. Well thats funny. I thought iPhone was launched earlier than Android who copies everything from UI to app market.

  • Chris

     this rumor is made up by some samsung guy who thinks his design is cool

  • aquraishi

     Would only make sense if it was a requirement for the privacy glass.

  • Jd Salinas2323

    Looks like none of android’s ideas are original, first they try to copy blackberry and now iPhone 

  • Nico

     Curved glass?  You mean kind of like the magic mouse?  Maybe I misread but maybe it’s not for a phone at all?

  • crate

     No. I like the current form factor. Period.

  • Mike Rathjen

    Perhaps such a shape makes it stronger than a flat one?

    Even so, personally I wouldn’t care for a curved phone.

  • zeiche

     If the glass is not curved as the article suggests, will a correction or retraction be published?

  • Sean Liu

    Robert was trolling the Apple fanboys, and KillianBell was responding back sarcastically. You, however, totally got trolled by both due to your lack of sarcasm detection. Good Job.

  • Sean Liu

     In the end, no one cares. We just want good products. (spoken as an iPhone user)

  • Sean Liu

     It could do with a little more durability. I’m always scared to drop by iP4

  • aggarwal_rahul

    Apple buying the glass cutting
    machines has got this rumor, of curve glass implementation in contrast with the
    conventional metal finishing. The possible advantages for the much awaited
    iphone 5 is that it might be non-conductive and would have smooth surface to
    hold which will have a feature of acquiring perfect reception of the signals.
    However, having glass on the edges might be prone to the clumsy mistakes and
    thus must be handled with most care.

  • jasim118

    Waiting, waiting and waiting. I feel bored. When I will get my iphone 5 having curved cover glass. Please Apple do hurry at least one piece only for me.