Custom Configure Your Mac From Your iPhone With New Apple Store App



In addition to the launch of ‘Apple Store 2.0’ on Sunday, the Apple Store application for iOS devices also got a much-needed revamp. The latest version of the application is now available to download from the App Store with some useful new features.

As we expected, Apple Store version 1.3 now allows you to custom-configure your new Mac purchase with all the upgrades and extras you need. Add additional memory, a bigger hard drive, wireless peripherals, and order software just like you would from the Apple online store.

It also boasts a handy new feature that aims to improve your Apple retail store experience. When visiting one of Apple’s stores, you can now use the application to request help from a specialist, book Genius Bar and ‘One to One’ appointments, and discover upcoming workshops and events. You can also use the application to check in to your appointment when you arrive at the store, and receive meet-up alerts when your specialist is ready to see you.

Apple Store iOS App 1.3

In addition to these new features, the application also seems to support orders from outside the U.S. Although this isn’t stated in the app’s description, when using it in the U.K. I am now greeted by prices in pounds as opposed to dollars as before.