Interactive iPads Are Apple Store 2.0 Kiosks [Video]



A couple of YouTube videos have surfaced demonstrating the new interactive iPad software located next to all Apple products in the Apple Store 2.0 retail layout.  Each iPad acts as a kiosk that customers can use to explore product features, perform product comparisons, and summon help from a sales associate.

Another video from the Sydney Apple Store: (courtesy of @glasshouseapps)

Video of the interactive iPad displays in action below. [via Mark Gurman]

[via Macstories]

  • GH

     So, isn’t it kind of ‘stupid’ to say interactive iPad… when they’re always technically interactive…?

  • botman_and_rubinstein

    What do they do for the iPad section?

  • Steven Chaffer

    There is an iPad for the iPads as well

  • aepictures

     There are iPads describing iPads :D

  • Aholi

    Now we know why apple had so huge shipping problems with the iPad 2. They just buy over 1 Mio of them for their retail stores.  

  • robgilgan

     Had a look in the West Edmonton Mall location – much better than the old paper ‘inactive’ methodology. Will also sell a ton of iPads, I bet. Rolled out this weekend to get America ready for next. Store was busy, people seemed to be enjoying the changes.

  • Pavel Sladkov

    yeah, apple buy their own Ipads….. facepalm.jpg 

  • John99atla

     Lennox in Atlanta has Ipads all over side by side with the products.

  • Support 18inc

    They are going to sell SO many iPads if people have to use one at every display. Awesome.

  • cheesy11

     hopefully this is just the calm before the storm and apple announce something like buy an ipad2 now and get another free!

  • cheesy11

    this is probably interactive on a more cleverer AI scale

  • Tice

     Great ‘glossy display’! [/end of humor]

  • Edgar Rios

    No offense to apple whatsoever, i love apple and im a proud mac owner but….
    this is kinda useless there’s a few reasons it doesn’t make any sense:
    -people touch, germs, they have enough with the other devices. and no im not a germaphobe-.-
    -the home button doesn’t do anything which will make -some- people that the iPad is not working.
    -i don’t see how this wastes less energy than paper
    -people will confuse them with the other iPads
    -people will call specialists, and will find a way to annoy them
    And to round it all up, it’s a wasted iPad
    no use for camera, no use for home button, no use for anything other than displaying info that could’ve easily been displayed on an imac for example..

    ok let me describe it….

    *application in Mac’s desktop that’s named “Click for more info about this computer”*
     and make that application’s icon HUGE.

    sorry if my description doesn’t make any sense. im sleepy

  • Amazed

     How do the iPads charge?

  • obamapacman

     First video: short, low quality video.
    Second video: in Japanese.

    Here’s a good, HD video:

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  • Michael Cruz

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  • Danny

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