Will Updated Apple Store iOS App Let You Purchase Build-to-Order Macs? [Rumor]



Rumors have been circulating for the last week or so about changes to Apple’s online and retail stores. Now a new one has cropped up about the Apple Store iOS app.

The most recent version of the app was released in January 2011 so it might be due for an update. The app is pretty simple because it only allows you to order stock notebook and desktop computer configurations. The app is supposed to be updated this week-end to make ordering an Apple Computer a lot better from your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.

According to Macrumors, the new app will allow Apple customers to order build-to-order Macs right from their favorite iOS devices touch screen. There will be a full range of choices including options for processor type, amount of memory, storage type and size, etc. along with additional add-ons like AppleCare, peripherals, and pre-loaded software.

If you don’t have the Apple Store iOS App you can get a copy for free.