Apple Prepping for Apple Store 2.0 As Online Order Status Page Goes Down



Apple’s order status web page is down this week-end for maintenance. If you attempt to check the status of an existing order you’ll see the above message displayed for all online stores across the globe.

You can see for yourself by accessing

The downtime is probably linked to the rumors circulating about a revamped Apple Store starting on May 22nd.

Don’t get to excited about anything super special happening for Apple retail’s 10th anniversary, since Apple has been quiet about that. It looks like the only changes made will be updates to internal systems and the store layout.

However, I might swing by my local Apple Store on Sunday to see what’s up just in case.


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8 responses to “Apple Prepping for Apple Store 2.0 As Online Order Status Page Goes Down”

  1. Amazed says:

     It’s because of the end of the world. 

  2. infozonex says:

     this is not good wdf ??? 

  3. sarakk3 says:

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  4. cheesy11 says:

    its the start of a world, a world where apple is the superpower, and oranges are green

  5. Sahanatrymytech says:

     any new features in the 2.0 versions then

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