Amazon Will Now Let You Trade-In Your Old iPhone or iPad For A New One



Got an old iPhone laying around collecting dust? You can now trade it in for a discount on anything sells, including a new iPhone or iPad.

Amazon has just updated their electronics trade-in program to now include older devices like the iPod Tough, iPhone 3Gs, iPod Classic and original iPad. Though the program is currently in beta, if you’re willing to part with one of your old iDevices, you can get a decent discount in the form of credits on any other Amazon purchase.

There are caveats, of course. The device must be functional, be in good nick, and you have to wait to get your credits by mailing it back to Amazon.

Even so, the prices are pretty competitive. A third gen 64GB iPod Touch will net you $156 of credit, a first-gen 16GB iPad will get you $235, and even an old 8GB iPhone 3GS will get you $162. Prices for newer iDevices are less, competitive though: a 16GB iPad 2 will only get you $330, which is probably half what you could buy one for on eBay.

Check out what your old iDevice is worth here

[via MacStories]