Control Spotify From Menu Bar [Review]



SpotiMy is a tiny Menu Bar widget for controlling Spotify without having to switch to it.

Right now, its functionality is somewhat limited. All it does is let you play or pause the music, and skip forwards or backwards through playlists.

Of course, you can use your Mac’s keyboard music buttons (F7, F8 and F9) to control Spotify in exactly the same way (as long as iTunes isn’t running at the same time, in which case they both respond with amusing music-clash results). In which case, SpotiMy seems a little superfluous, or at least overpriced at $2.99.

The widget’s developers say more features are planned – the idea behind this first release was to get something out there and pull in feedback, pending further releases.

As it stands, I can’t recommend purchasing SpotiMy just yet. Keen Spotify users might want to keep an eye on it though, to see what emerges. With a little more work, it could grow into something that better justifies the price.

[xrr rating=30%]

  • Felder71

    You know what would make me more likely to get that app? Spotify actually launching in the US.

  • TopHat

     Mr Obvious is American? Wow!

  • Chris

    Seriously.. that app is bullshit, if you hower the spotify icon in windows 7 you get exactly the same function, i would rather get the firefox plugin “foxytunes” (remote most musicplayer, including youtube with this)