Spiderpodium Tablet for iPad Brings More Pain Than Pleasure [Review]



When it was first revealed at CES earlier this year, we were all amazed with the Spiderpodium Tablet by Breffo ($35). Somewhere in between a toy, and a multipurpose iPad stand, the Spiderpodium has an extremely unique design that is adaptable for almost any tablet device. I got the chance to play around with the unique stand over the last few weeks, and while I think that it’s incredibly clever, there are definitely some drawbacks.

The Good:

The thought of only having to purchase one stand for all future iPad generations has now become a consumer’s dream. Hoping to fill this need, the Spiderpodium Tablet is comprised of eight hard rubber legs connected to a central piece. The flexible legs can be positioned around a device to hold it up while also positioning themselves for an optimum viewing angle. While the Spiderpodium Tablet works well on flat surfaces, one of the biggest advantages of the stand is that it can be used nearly anywhere, whether it be a headrest, door frame, or cabinet.

The Bad:

Even though the Spiderpodium is extremely versatile, I had a problem embracing it for everyday use. Contorting the legs of the Spiderpodium can be quite a pain after the novelty wears off. Busting it out of my bag, I grew to loathe the fact that I had to reposition all the legs with each separate use of the device. Memorizing the different configurations also proved to be more work than I was willing to put in to using an iPad stand, even though Breffo includes a list of instructions on how to create different stands with the Spiderpodium.


Despite being the most versatile iPad stand on the market, the joy from the Spiderpodium Tablet’s novelty quickly fades as the user is forced to pry, contort, and reconfigure the Spiderpodium every time they wish to use it. While it may be great for certain situations, the Spiderpodium Tablet fails to be a device you will want to use every day.

[xrr rating=50%]

  • Dustin Moskowitz

     This is the only tablet stand you need: http://amzn.to/iThVI0

  • besweeet

     I would freak out if I saw my iPad being held up by that thing.

  • Coldbluesteel

     I realize that looking at a photo and hands on are two different things.  Looking at the photo, it does not seem that it would be all that difficult.

  • Liamtravel

    ” extremely unique”   things cannot be extremely unique, they are unique or not.  

  • Nutz320

     Two humans are unique. Two seperate species are extremely unique.

  • [Deleted User]

    it’s not difficult…just tedious to have to set it up every time you use is

  • [Deleted User]

    “unique” is an absolute, so it could be argued that you can’t modify an absolute because there is no way to become more absolute. However, people have been doing it for centuries and a language doesn’t belong to a bunch of bookworms in a room talking about it, it belongs to the people who use it. So while technically it may be bad form, it’s common place and therefore probably ok.

  • ataribaby

    Oh lord, “commonplace”. If this site doesn’t have editors or standards, take some writing classes, or read a book on grammar, or something!