Don’t Expect To Use The iPhone 5 As A Credit Card, Says New Report



Ever since we exclusively learned that Apple was planning to use near-field communications not just to enact mobile retail payments but to enable an “>ambitious remote computing service that will allow you to literally carry around your Mac on your iPhone, we’ve been excited to see NFC hit the iPhone.

But contrary to previous reports, don’t expect it this year. Apple’s plans for NFC are too ambitious to realize before 2012, according to a new report.

The next iPhone won’t come with NFC technology, according to a Bernstein Research report.

If you think about it, this makes sense. Although the potentials of NFC are huge, Apple’s got its hands busy trying to launch their new iCloud service, which will not only take over MobileMe’s workload but also finally bring streaming iTunes to the cloud, according to rumors.

Right now, NFC technology is not particularly prevalent across the country, meaning that even if the next iPhone launched with an NFC chip, there’d be few retailers who would be able to take advantage of the technology. If Apple waits another year, not only will they be able to remain focused on NFC while producing iOS 6, but there will be better on-the-ground support for Cupertino’s leap into mobile payments… which has the potential to add between $4 and $9 billion to Apple’s coffers in new revenue, if analyst predictions are anything to go by.

[via Electronista]

  • aga

    Hey John, I love your posts, but you seem to have had your 13 game cribbage winning streak for a very long time now! Bye the way, what is the pun you named your budgie after?

  • Son1ze

     Yeah I’m going with the analysts on this one. The iPhone 4 update will not have NFC or any of the other techs that people are clamouring for but will have a small ‘s’ for speed next to the 4…

    Home buttonless GSM/CDMA iPhone 5 + NFC + iOS 6 + LTE = 1st/2nd quarter 2012

  • poppa1138

    Apple may not have nfc for the iphone,but Geti nfc will convert any phone for nfc

  • College Youth

    you are going about it all wrong Apple.. i have the innovation needed for this to be comopletely effective and to fit with everyday commerce. catering to both iphone users and conventional means