Will This Be The Way You Interact With iOS 5’s New Voice Recognition Capabilities?



The convention of rumor has it that the next major version of iOS 5 will boast some truly spiffy, industry-changing voice recognition and text-to-speech capabilities, courtesy of a broad partnership with Nuance… and if those rumors are true, than this could just be what it will look like.

Jan-Michael Cart’s conceptual video shows just how voice recognition could work under iOS 5. Just push down the home button on the iOS Home Screen to launch apps, perform searches and initiate other functionality. To enter specific text, just hold your finger down on the text-input window, or tap a mic icon to dictate.

Is this the implementation of iOS voice recognition technology Apple will choose? It certainly seems like the sort of simple, elegant interface that Apple favors with iOS. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if, when iOS 5 is released, this concept didn’t turn out to be closer to the mark than anyone might have expected.

[via MacTrast, Macstories]

  • besweeet

    I honestly wouldn’t use voice recognition. I’m quick enough to where voice controlling will never be as fast as a human.

    We already have the ability to launch apps via Voice Control and a jailbreak tweak called VoiceActivator. You can make your own custom voice commands.

  • iBilly

     This will be amazing! Have you ever turned on Universal Access to read the screen, closed your eyes, and tried to type a text message?  It takes forever!

  • prof_peabody

    It’s a fun video, but the process as described randomly re-assigns some major parts of the OS to speech recognition.  I don’t think it will work that way at all.  

    For instance it’s already hard to correctly do the double-tap on the home button (which is already reserved for multi-tasking), without doing a triple-tap (for voice-over) or inadvertently doing two single taps throwing you into spotlight.  

    Also, sad to say … voice recognition doesn’t actually work that well, even Nuance’s.  So as a “gimick” that doesn’t always even work, I don’t see it being put in such a central place in the OS.  

  • Robert Norris Hills

    “It certainly seems like the sort of simple, elegant interface that Apple favors with iOS”

    An android voice clone?
    Years too late and well behind the 8 ball. It certainly seems like the sort of simple, elegant interface that Apple favors with iOS”An android voice clone?Years too late and well behind the 8 ball. 

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