iPhone 5 Launches November 21st, Says UK Phone Retailer



Conventional wisdom has held that the next iPhone won’t ship until September, at Apple’s annual iPod event. That’s three months later than Apple’s historic iPhone release cycles would suggest.

If the idea of waiting an extra three months for your next phone gets your blood boiling, though, it might get even worse: one report is now suggesting that the next iPhone won’t ship until November 21st.

Not that it’s a very reputable source. Rather, it comes from T3, who gleaned the information from a representative of UK retailer Phones4U… although whether or not this was just some doof behind the counter of a store, or an actual higher-up, is not addressed.

Likely? No way. The chances of a November 21st launch date leaking from one of Britain’s nth-tier retailers is slim at best, and the idea that Apple would push the launch of the next iPhone so close to the Christmas shopping season — when past history dictates that it’ll be a hard-to-get item — makes no sense at all. Apple needs to have all the kinks worked out of its supply chain in time for Christmas, in order to maximize sales, and if the iPad 2 proved anything, it’s that that usually takes Apple at least a month.Take with so many grains of salt you get iodine poisoning, people.

[via Distorted Loop]

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18 responses to “iPhone 5 Launches November 21st, Says UK Phone Retailer”

  1. Greg Anderson says:

    This weekend I noticed that I can upgrade my iPhone 4 on 11/18/2011 so they may be right.

  2. Alessio Daniele Tilli says:

     it better have lte if we have to wait till november

  3. Táyò Salako says:

     mine says 11/25/2011  got the iPhone4 on launch day

  4. Steven Washington says:

    My upgrade date says 07/04/2011, so I’m not really sure what to think.

  5. Stefen Hernandez says:

     mine is the same date!!! is this a sign?!?!

  6. Stefen Hernandez says:

     I got the iPhone 4 on launch day as well….

  7. TylerHoj says:

     Thats when my credit card expires. lmao. Good thing I buy them non-contracted. 

  8. Icyfog says:

     I don’t care. I have a four, so I will wait for the iPhone6

  9. Tarakiman says:

     too much to have iphone 5…

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