Possible iPad 2 Jailbreak in a Few Weeks?



In a video interview on Vokle, it was said that iDevice hacker @p0sixninja mentioned a possible iPad 2 jailbreak release within the next couple of weeks.

It will [supposedly] be similar to jailbreaks that we’ve recently seen, where you have to put your device into DFU mode for the jailbreak to begin, where blackra1n and spirit were 1-click jailbreaks. It’s also said that this jailbreak will be compatible iOS 4.3 and above.

We’ll post more details once they’re available.

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[via JailbreakZone]

  • cheesy11

     didnt iconic or someone say he is selling his ipad jailbreak????

  • Tazim56

    Yes i think he did but not sure it that is true either

  • ipad 2 blogs

    wow, I can’t wait for this jailbreak…  It’s been like months since the release… what are the developers doing?

  • Hahaha

    No he didn’t, he has no jailbreak… He doesn’t even have an iPad!!! People read his twitter posts an instantly he’s talking about a jailbreak… Pretty sad really.

  • GQB

    Two words…

  • besweeet

    Millions of people who want to jailbreak their iPad 2. You may not find a use for it, but millions of others (including myself) do. 

  • prof_peabody

    This comment should be pulled for sheer ridiculousness.  “Millions” of people?  I think you revealed your secret identity as a 12 year old here.  

  • prof_peabody

     Why does anyone want to jailbreak an iPad?  There are no apps for iPad that have been banned that you need to jailbreak it for.  I’m thinking this can only be for the *illegal* kind of jailbreaking, i.e. stealing apps.  

  • besweeet

    RetinaPad should be enough to make people want to jailbreak.

  • besweeet

    How so? Jailbreaking is important to a huge amount of iDevice users. The iPad 2 is no exception.

  • iHate_Is_Back

     Are you dumb or what. People jailbreak for added features that were dumbed down or are non existent on iOS as well as being allowed to BUY apps from Cydia that weren’t allowed on the app store.

  • applemoney

    I have been waiting for that jail break for a long time.

  • cheesy11

    yup it has got to be for stealing apps or getting apps for free which you would normally pay for, also with the iphone im sure through jailbreak you would be able to unlock your phone

  • Martin Topinka

    Yes, why to cook or be aware of nearby restaurants when there’s always a MacDonalds bistro at the corner of my house…

  • besweeet

    Wrong. There’s much more than that.

  • Art

     I0nic does even have an iPad2… He was talking about his Elevator at his apartment being broken, and that it costs money to run it, he was also saying the stairs are free.

    Suddenly people were blogging about his JB code name being ELEVATOR which is a fee based JB and STAIRS being free.

  • Art

     1/3 of iPhones in China are jailbroken, I think that would easily account for the “millions” he was referring too…

  • Matt R.

    This just is ignorant. I had an iPad 1 that was jailbroken. now I have an iPad 2 that isn’t. Yes the new one is slimmer, and faster, and has a camera, but the use of the device is just crippled compared to what the iPad 1 can do with a jailbrake. FWIW, I haven’t installed a single cracked app, and I pay for what I use…

    WiFi sync? Got it via jailbrake, not available from apple.
    WiFi hotspot for my 3Gs? Got it via jailbrake, not available from apple (on that phone).
    More smaller icons on the screeen? Got it via jailbrake, not available from apple. (I don’t like the folders set up….)
    Fast change of settings (WiFi, Bluetooth, whatever) got it from Jailbreak, not available from Apple.

    Really, you could say that jailbreakers are just cheap people who don’t want to pay for what they use, but that is missing the truth. Fact is, that jailbroken apps show you a lot of what you will see in the future iOSes as they come out. Really Apple has a very tightly controlled walled garden in the iTunes app store. But there is lots out there that I want to do with my iOS device that Apple doesn’t approve of. Screw them, it’s my little computer! 

  • Ron Jack Rainz

    You’ve got that moron Veeence to thank for that…
    Oh, Im sorry, did I say moron? – I meant “Featherhead” >:)

  • Ron Jack Rainz

    Its also clearly evident that you have absolutely no idea what your talking about. First off, your knowledge of Jailbreaking and what it entails is laughable. You just keep regurgitating the same tired old mantra: “All jailbreakers are software pirates”. Im not going to try and deny that there are those in the JB community who only JB to pirate apps. But the are NOT the majority, bub – not by a longshot. The majority enjoys altering our IOS experience in ways your feeble mind obviously cant grasp. I’d suggest you READ MORE into it. And Read more into the state of affairs regarding Jailbreakers worldwide – there are most definitely Millions of them out there, most of whom can speak more than one language, and would never comment about an issue they have minimal understaing on while criticizing and demeaning other commenters (*Cough*….).
    In short sir: Your a tool, and your knowledge is laughable. Have a nice day, – you just got schooled.

  • Smartphone Honduras

    Comex has anounced the jailbreakme 3 for the ipad 2, lets wait :)