How To Greatly Increase Your Mac’s Speed [Video How-To]



Sometimes, even Macs get laggy. Logging in can be sluggish, and even just routine tasks can start to crawl. Whether you know it or not, resource hogs can be lurking in your system and slowing down your work. After following these five simple steps though, your Mac can be almost as good as new.

  • macgizmo

    Generally speaking, videos for a subject such as this are going to go over about as well as a fart in an elevator. No reason at all to create a video simply to tell people to remove icons from their desktop, startup items and kill the Dock.

  • Jdsonice

     Yeah the video thing just blows crap all over the place. I personally prefer a well written article that I can save and refer to. Plus half the time the freaking videos don’t play, like this one. 

  • ichiroa

     SSD has got to be the best upgrade I have ever done. Pulling out the Superdrive and installing a 240gb SSD has made my MBP so much faster. I NEVER see the stupid pinwheel anymore. Almost everything launches with 1 bounce. Even with all the data (Photos, music, videos) located on the slower 1TB internal drive apps like Lightroom3. Aperture, iPhoto, FCP..etc all run so much faster now. Scrolling through photos in LR3 library mode used to be painful but now its smooth! :)

  • Brad Ward

     This is little kiddie garbage! This guy is an idiot! How old is your mac, that the mere deleting icons on the desktop speeds it up?

  • Darryl Pearson

    How do you have so many iOS-like icons in your applications folder? Can you post a tutorial on that? Or better yet, a download link for those pictures? That way we can use candy bar to change the icons.

    Thanks! Great tutorial.

  • Super Karate Monkey

     THIS VIDEO IS TORTUOUS. How about a nice, concise bulleted list?THIS VIDEO IS TORTUOUS. How about a nice, concise bulleted list?

  • Aaron Luz

    A Unix filesystem at or beyond “100%” capacity will perform slowly, but anything less than 90% shouldn’t even be noticable. A cluttered desktop full of icons really can slow down the Finder, especially if rendering previews is enabled. However, this is probably only noticeable on a slow computer.

    My recommendations: Got a fast Mac? Get an SSD. Older Mac? Disable Flash with ClickToFlash and HTML5Tube [EDIT: I meant YouTube5 Safari extension.] Makes a *huge* difference.

  • Michael Steeber

     Yeah, I think I may do a tutorial on that. 

  • Michael Steeber

     My Mac is from 2008, but try it on any Mac. Try putting  dozens of icons and files on your desktop and I guarantee it will log in slower. 


    Michael, You have to realize when it is appropriate to use video as a platform to disseminate information. This clearly is not. In this case a bullet list would have been better. Even more important is your backup data to prove your points. Were is your support to these claims?  

    Why more then 20% disk space Is that for virtual mem/page file show documented support on why

    Why repair permissions:

    How much does dash board really take: I see no proc usage and only 20mb of real Ram. Not a big deal

    Desktop icons ? Proof

    It sound like your just taking a bunch of unsubstainated information or halve truths that may be partially true or not from the web and just spreading it around in a over bloated video.

  • Mike google

     Can not see it, I do not use flash ;(

  • erik25

     Was great to find oot aboot hoe to make my Mac run faster, eh.  :)

    Good Poast, eh!

  • Casanova

    Dude, how old you you? I think your comment is kiddie. This is just extra useful tips. If it doesn’t apply to/for you, move on.

  • Darryl Pearson

    That would be great. Thanks! 

  • adem semir

    The icons are from iconfactory, and they are called flurry icon set. They come in 5 dmgs and you can find them here… 

  • Candido Tomas

    Hi. Thanks for the tips, I think that they may be helpful for a bunch of people. I think we should thank the effort and not to be rude in the comments. Anybody can try to do a better work, if he feels that is useful and opportune. Keep the spirit positive !  ;)

  • Guest

    My macbook pro is from late 2007, and it has begun to lag for nearly 10 minutes on startup, and while starting and using apps. I have done all of these and other maintenance on a regular basis since I had purchased the computer, but recently nothing has been working. I think I just need to upgrade and move on, but that’s easier said than done.

  • Mike

    Haters gonna hate. Why do so many people feel the need to comment on this article, just to tell you that making a video is pointless? Get a life, people!

    Thanks for the video. Yes you probably could have made a bullet list, but I prefer to watch a video tutorials on things like this. These people are just trolls.

  • Chris

     Great video.  I did all these steps and notice a significant performance increase.  Thanks!

  • Bob

    Good advice, thanks.

  • prharris2

     Thanks for the tips – there were a couple I never would have thought of.  cheers

  • prharris2

     These aren’t government secrets – take the advice / leave the advise.  In fact these are reasonable suggestion and your response is strangely out of proportion.

  • prharris2

     This doesn’t sound right.  I’d go to disk utility and do a hard drive test (check smart status)- it might be failing. Also download and use applejack and see if things speed up. But I think it’s a hard drive failure.

     Heck I still use a 12″ g4 and don’t have that issue.

  • prharris2

    I use click to flash so I can choose to use it or not – very handy.

  • Diego

     For some of the geeks, this video is useless….but for the remaining 95% of computer users, having videos like this allow them to see step by step how to do things.  Yeah, ‘I’ could understand a simple bulleted list, but this is a great link to send to friends and family who always call asking for help. 

    Please keep up the good work.  :)

  • Sean

    I just watched it on mt iPad. No flash required.

  • Cody

    Just repaired permissions, and after it was done there was huge list of stuff it repaired. Is this common for a 2 year old MBP that has never had this done?

  • Cody

    My MBP hasn’t really been slow at all, but it’s good information to prevent slow downs in the future…thanks.

  • dcj001

    Some people have been using Macs for a long time, and have a lot of experience in using them. There are a lot of new Mac users who want or need advice about the proper care and usage of Macs. Videos, like the one offered here, is a great resource for some people. 

    If you know that you’re wasting your time here, it’s best that you move on to something else, rather than waste even more time by posting a comment.

  • buyrihn_the_amazing

    I agree with @9282d52c9305a8af7cb0a0a512cc6709:disqus actually. It was a hard video to watch, and didn’t come across as professional. In my opinion, a 30 second video would’ve been better or better yet, (as @stormlight:disqus said) a bullet point list.

    With that being said, yeah—a firm grasp of the English language is important when writing. Simply because I can discern what you’re trying to say doesn’t mean that it’s ok. Treat your responses as an English paper and leave the misspellings, verbal shortcuts, and bad grammar out. Why? It’s not like an English teacher is grading you, but the entire freakin’ internet is.

  • Postina

    what is tortuous?


    Can we focus on my points and not get distracted by your foolish grammer lesson. English is my second lanuage so I appoligize if I offended you. Still waiting on the supporting documentation for the questions I raised which actually have to do with the original article.


     And by the way nice name calling. That helps with actually brining information to the table that we need to determine if this author is valid or not with his so called tips to speed up a mac.

  • fernando

     ssd is the way

  • Michael Steeber

    I struggle to see how I could have covered all of these points in a 30 second video. 

  • Michael Steeber

    Thank You.

  • Phos…. FourDots

    • No complaint about video vs. written tips. Both have their value, and people often prefer one over the other as suitable to the way they’re best able to learn…So you’ll never please everyone.
    • No argument about whether your suggestions work.
    • No diss on your Canadian accent. We all sound funny to people who are “from away.”

    ! But please, if you’re going to do videos, practice your diction. Mike, you sound like you have a mouth full of braces and peanut butter sandwich (Maybe you *do* have braces?). If you can’t manage it, get someone who does speak clearly.

  • brandon

     how often should you repair permissions?

  • poppa1138

    This video is useful for those new  Mac  users.I cleaned up my Desktop and it helped booting up,but how do I changed the folder Icon to something else? any help please

  • Marty MAC Fly

    There is nothing wrong with this video. I found it useful and the personal touch of the conversational voiceover was a nice change from the many text-based articles I get through each day. 

    Stormlight I was surprised at your comments. It reminded me of those that go out of their way to complain about TV shows: no one forces them to watch TV – let alone a particular channel or show. If you don’t like something just move on.

  • Marty MAC Fly


  • Steve

     The “repair permissions” operation kicked my MacBook Pro back into high gear.Thanks for the tip !

  • Timothy Lo

    Just curious, anyone know where to get the wallpaper? It’s quite nice for me… haha :)) 

  • Michael Steeber

     I would say every couple months or so. 

  • Michael Steeber

     Actually, I’m not from Canada, but either way, thanks for thanks for the tip. I have neither braces nor peanut butter in my mouth. Maybe my microphone is distorting me. 

  • Michael Steeber

     Could be a RAM problem. In fact, today I upgraded from 1 GB of RAM to 3, (yes, I’m behind the times), and noticed 2x speed improvements.