Lion Beta Preview 3 Pulled Due To Problems? [Updatedx2]



We’ve received various reports from developers testing Lion Developer Preview 2 that the Preview 3 update is no longer appearing in Software Update on machines running Lion Developer Preview 2 released on March 30th.

It isn’t known why Apple has pulled the beta that was released earlier today, but there have been problems reported with the beta which caused some systems to become unable to boot. If that is the case it is unfortunate, but sadly that is the nature of betas. Therefore always install them on a machine that you don’t rely on, a different partition on your machine, or an external bootable drive.

Apple’s Developer site still mentions Mac OS X Lion Developer Preview 3 and how it is available via Software Update. Yet for many it just isn’t appearing at all and others are still reporting successful installations. So what’s the deal?

Right now no one knows for sure. Hopefully Apple will fix it soon.

Have you encountered this problem or successfully installed the new preview? Tell us about your experience by leaving a comment.

Update 05/13/2011 at 9:30 PM PDT: If you leave a comment please leave the following information: 1) what model Mac are you using 2) Mac OS X Lion or Mac OS X Lion Server?

Update 05/14/2011 at 6:34 AM PDT: According to multiple reports it appears that the Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Preview 3 isn’t currently available for people that have the server version of Preview 2 installed.

  • Macafaka

     just checked, nope still shows up in soft update.

  • itm9

    I got a “password encryption” message at login… All I had to do was click cancel and I got in.

  • ProfessorDB

     Downloading now. Still in update

  • MrJoeyP

     Mine’s fine :)

  • DavidWMartin

    Please let me know what make and model Apple computer you are using. Thanks.

  • Macafaka

     macbook pro 15 i7 2.66 ghz no problems of downloading, i will response when finished 

  • DavidWMartin

     Do the people who are successful have the server portions of Lion installed?

  • lkahney

    It’s not showing for me. I’m running Lion Server DP2 on a MacBook Air 13-inch. I just checked in Software Update: nada.

  • cecoleman

     I have it running on new MacBook Pro (Thunderbolt) and it installed just fine. However I have had trouble with Safari prompting me whether or not to reload the page. Its after I switch off of Safari or minimize it and then come back to it. I’ve attached the message. Other than that, it working great. 

  • Steve Klaus

     install fine running since preview 1 i have Lion not server and Mac Pro 2.66 QUAD CORE 2007 ATI RADEON 5770 32GB OF RAM 128 GB SSD AND 6TB OF HD NO PROBLEMS IF ANYTHING SOME MAJOR IMPROVEMENTS

  • Steve Klaus

     sry for caps

  • Macafaka

     macbook pro 15 i7 2.66 ghz no problems all works.macbook pro 15 i7 2.66 ghz no problems all works.

  • Kenneth

    Got the update via software update on my 21.5-inch mid-2010 Core i3 iMac this evening, but no update on the Lion server on the mid-2007 Mac Pro.

  • Kirk

     MacBook Air, Lion client, downloading now.

  • Irshad Farook

     Successful install but iTunes Error (-200) i.e. No sound output at all!

  • Irshad Farook

    MacBook Pro, late 2008, 2.66 GHz, Core2Duo 

  • Marcos Antonio da Silva

     I have this problem too. iMac 27″ i5, 2,8Ghz

  • Bram Boersma

     I have Lion Server, No update for me.. :-(

  • itm9

    MacBook Air (Late 2010), Mac OS X Lion (Not Sever)

  • El Nefasto

     MacBookPro7,1 here, installed DP3 last night. It got caught up “upgrading” my 1Password keychain, endlessly prompting for a password. I forced it off and it seems to be fine now.MacBookPro7,1 here, installed DP3 last night. It got caught up “upgrading” my 1Password keychain, endlessly prompting for a password. I forced it off and it seems to be fine now.

  • SirSpeedy

     No problem with the update to build 11A459e on my late 2010, 11-inch MB Air 1.4 GhzHave been poking around since yesterday with no issues.

  • Charles

    My 13″ macbook pro can’t boot up after the installation of this update. I hope they fix it soon.

  • Howie Isaacks

     DP3 seems to be working well for me.  I’m running it on a MacBook Pro Mid-2009 2.66GHz C2D, 8GB RAM, 640GB HD.  I haven’t seen any poor performance during normal operations, but Address Book did crash when I attempted to modify the default card template.  I wanted to add some additonal fields.  I like the new login screen, though I think grey is a bit drab.  I wish that Apple would either get rid of the “leather” menu bar in iCal, or give us a choice of how we want it to look.  I like the iOS features carried over into Lion, but the skins in iCal, and Addressbook are really useless.  I prefer the metal look instead.  Apple seems to be pushing users away from using a mouse.  I don’t consider this to be a bad thing for me, but older users, or people who don’t like track pads might not ever get to know the really cool new functions in Lion.  I’ve tried out Lion using a Magic Mouse, and I can access Mission Control, and Launch Pad easily, but how do these features work with a Might Mouse?  I’m hoping to see the opening of folders in Launc Pad speed up a bit.  When I am running my MBP on the discreet graphics, the animation is a lot smoother.  I’m not interested in giving up my battery life just to get the animations to run better, so I’m hoping that this gets fixed soon.  I use Terminal a lot, so I’m not fond of how Terminal now shows the last few logins above where I’m typing.  I have to manually clear these.  You can easily wind up with half of your Terminal window filled with your last login times.

  • ravenatic

     It’s only normal version. Server version doesnt have an update.
    Apparently emails and warnings went out to not install and remove it… I’ve not had such thing. People just saying crap I think.

    Only server version isnt updated :)

  • MacMan1976

    I have a MacBook Pro early 2011 and a early 2008 iMac I updated both of them last night around 1:00 AM to Lion Beta three and there was no problem. They both work very easily by going to the Apple and software update and then it showed up in my updates. My whole experience using Lion there’s really not too many problems. I don’t know why Apple would’ve removed Lion Beta 3. In fact I’m using Lion Beta three to type this comment. One thing that I did notice though from restarting after it updated. Was that it started up a lot faster it only took about 8 seconds to start up On my MacBook Pro. On the iMac the start up speed was the same as it was with Lion Beta two. The biggest two problems I’ve seen with Lion so far are that sometimes when I open iMovie it doesn’t work correctly. Also in Safari when I go back and forth on pages sometimes they don’t load. Then I have to quit Safari and reopen it.

  • juju67

    I have a MacBook Pro 15″ Thunderbolt with a normal HDD (No SSD) and the DP2 from 29th April does not boot after the install. Where can i manually download the DP3 from 13th May to install it manually by an other mac?

  • jim pace

     I am running Lion preview 3 on a mid 2007 mac mini. Not only is this new beta running better than the other two. Quicken essential, which was totally fluxed in preview two, runs almost perfectly.

  • Brody

    I have the same issues with iMovie also and I hope it gets fixed soon because I have used lion so much that I can barely function on snow leopard…I didn’t think the differences would be that big of a deal but it seems to be huge

  • victorsiqueira

    I’m having the same problem with my Mac Mini 2010. 

  • ezybzy

    Look like the update kills some newer model machines (late 2010 and later) with an EFI updated.I tested installing the DP3 from the scratch (DP2 + Update1 + Update2) but I had no luck. It failed after Update2 was applied. These were done on MacBook Pro 2011 models on dual i5 and quad i7.

  • dajael

    hello I’m runninc imaclate 2009, lion server prev2, update2, no download in software update for lion preview3, prev2 update2 often crashes voiceover with non apple voices, only in this update! hope to see update3 resumed soon… thanks.   

  • Pete Wolfinger

    15″ Late 2006 Macbook Pro (yup, I’m a dinosaur). DP3 not only works fine for me but it works much, MUCH better than DP1 or DP2.

  • Andru Edwards

    Same here – also, I get no sound from YouTube videos, or sound from anything in iMovie. 

  • Odamm

     hey, do you find an answer for this problem?


  • Tg

    same here, 2011 mbp and latest efi update, dp3 doesn’t boot :(

  • Odamm

    hope there’ll be a workaround for these problem 

  • ezybzy

    Nope. I boot the installer on the old model which is running smooth.
    Haven’t tried booting on the early 2011 model. 

  • Franklinjeh

     MacBook late 2008… i installed the update… when i started the OS any of my apps were working… they just crashed every time i tried to open them… i’ve got to get back to snow leopard for this… i hope apple fix this soon

  • Gravol

     I have a 2011 Mb Pro 13″ and had the same problem, could not boot after applying update 3. Googling for about 2 minutes gave me a solution. It seems that the problem is the wifi kext: IO80211Family, so i booted in verbose mode and yes the system hangs with a reference to wifi card/driver. The solution is pretty simple:

    Boot into your Snow Leopard system (which you obviously also should have in dual boot when trying out beta systems)

    If you have saved your previous update packages then download a program called Pacifist, install it and load the update 1 package (update 2 might work but not likely)

    Then (in Pacifist) select the IO80211Family.kext, it is in the folder System/Library/Extensions/ in your loaded update package. Go to “File” menu and choose “install to other disk” and pick your Lion partition. Install the kext and reboot your Mac into Lion system.

    This worked for me and 3 of my friends which had the same problem with booting.
    If you haven’t saved your update packages then Google is your friend again and you will find them on various sites to download.

    Hope it might help someone, Lion update 3 looks and works great for me. Never had any problems since i got it up and running.

  • Planckuk

    MacBook pro 13”, i5, March 2011, in DP2 kernel pacnic, and now in DP3 screen freezes and wheel stops. With -v,  I can see kernel panic after loading Airport extension.

  • Gravol

    so do what i explained below here, it’s really a no brainer. 

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