Here Is Lion’s New Login Screen, Plus Partial Changelog




This is new the login screen in Lion Developer Preview 3, which was just released this afternoon. And we also have a list of some of the biggest changes.

The new Lion login screen has a silvery background and new icons for Sleep, Restart, and Shut Down across the bottom of the screen. Screengrab by Daniel Bennett.

The new Developer Preview features several other UI tweaks, including new wallpapers and the Reading List in Safari, detailed here. The ‘Reading List’ feature allows web pages to be saved for later reading. It was inactive in previous builds, but is now live.

And here’s what else is new in Lion Developer Preview 3 according to it’s all tech:

  • New options in System Preferences>Mission Control
  • There is a new animation when logging into the computer and displaying the desktop (seems buggy at this time)
  • New Reminders menu in iCal
  • New next desktop button in Dashboard space:
  • New options when right-clicking (this appears to be buggy at this time):
  • Compatibility to external displays has been improved (especially in Mission Control)
  • There is now a Mission Control app
  • Finders toolbar has been slightly updated:
  • Desktop wallpapers have been updated (and new ones have been added);
  • Reading List has been enabled in Safari:
  • New changes in Mission Control: can add desktops right from Mission Control by clicking + button, close spaces from Mission Control, Mission Control no longer displaying text Desktop 1? etc., when hovering over desktop thumbnails, magnification of thumbnails are seen
  • Scrollbars now change color depending on the background (black background=light scrollbar and vice versa):

Via 9to5Mac and MacRumors.

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  • alvarotvv

     Pretty neat, and you can also see the time, battery level and WiFi signal as well. Do you know what that “orb” is? Is it the user’s picture? I think it is the only thing that spoils the clean look.

  • Robert Norris Hills

     Give it another 5 years and it may be as good as windows.

  • vonchambers

    I honestly don’t know what to say … I hope for the sake of everyone (including you) this is sarcasm. 

  • TGB

    Trolling a Mac website with anti-Mac comments? Really? That’s so five years ago. (Like Windows.)

  • Janzal Karlo Sonza

     Looks pretty neat, but also kinda looks like a PC’s login screen… >.>

  • Robert Norris Hills

    A Mac is just a PC with a stupidity filter over the OS.  

  • Euro_MacHead

    Ah, and that’s why your stupidity is posted unfiltered? Makes sense….

  • Pedro Villarroel Gruvhagen

     Come on guys, don’t feed the troll

  • ravenatic

    Yep that is your account display picture. I like the screen. Very smooth.
    Was having a play with Lion last night when I took this picture, it is very smooth and faster than the last preview was. it’s very snappy!

    There is also a possibility that they have removed 32-bit startups… But that could be a bug. (Logic Pro refuses to load in 32-bit mode anymore).

    Time to play! 

  • jaggedspike

    God, you’re an idiot. 

  • Mike Syron

    That’s why Mac OS is cool and Windows not.

  • Edward Ryu

     from now on, I can’t use mac anymore because using of computer purpose has been changed. more likely windows friendly? it’s not good enough with bootcamp. plus, macbook pro seems expensive. yet it’s not really powerful at all with that price. graphic card isn’t high end (just midrange). 13inch is super lame with the price (no dedicated graphic card $1200?). are you kidding me? I know you mac fan boys will blame me blah, blah, blah…. I get it. but there are few facts that so lame on mac. I know I am not talking about mac os x. but in the end, it’s all connected anyway.

  • Timthepilot

    I have a few spots left if anyone wants to try the new beta. All I ask is a minim donation of 10 dollars to help my development. Email me at for info

  • Alistair H.

     I like the new login theme. And the lock-screen is even better. It doesn’t really matter, but looks very nice.

  • Asfsaflkjlkf

    could we get some pictures of all the screens? all of the ones online are kinda bad.

  • cheesy11

    theres something missing, it needs one more small touch to be perfect

  • Stuart Douglas

    id like to see a login screen with mulriple users…