With iCloud Looming, Amazon Ceases Sale Of MobileMe



Amazon.com has just stopped all sales of MobileMe. It’s almost as if they know something’s coming that could blast their recently unveiled Cloud Locker music streaming service out of the water. There’s an iCloud on the horizon.

Amazon, of course, is late to the game in ceasing sales of MobileMe. Apple has previously stopped sales of the boxed versions of MobileMe, recommending that new subscribers who want to get through the transition between MobileMe and whatever’s coming next just sign up for a 60 day free trial. You can’t even find MobileMe in Apple.com’s online search forms.

What will replace MobileMe? Best guess is that Apple will leverage their massive North Carolina data center to not only beef up MobileMe’s existing capabilities and more strongly integrate those services into iOS and OS X 10.7 Lion, but also finally jump iTunes to the Cloud.

Given what a debacle the MobileMe brand has become — ever since it’s failed launch, it’s been snarkily referred to as MobileMess — it seems like a brand change is inevitable, especially considering the fact that Apple just spent $4.5 million on the iCloud.com domain name.

[via the amazing AppleBitch]