Microsoft & Others Join Forces To Kill Apple’s ‘App Store’ Trademark


  • Icyfog

    Windows is generic too, since practically every GUI-based OS has windows. Microsoft shouldn’t have been allowed to trademark windows. Be consistent. . 

  • Chris

     ‘app store’ is not generic. Apple started it by calling their programs ‘Applications’. If microsoft were consequent, they’d call their apps ‘progs’, as windows  applications are called programs – instead of copying apple

  • GregsTechBlog

     It’s bad enough you’ve all copied off of Apple’s design, now you’re suing them because they got a good name because *surprise!* they designed it first?

    You know, I’m all for competition, but if Microsoft were to just fall off the face of the earth, I’d be pretty damn pleased. 

  • GregsTechBlog

     Exactly! By the same logic the Microsoft lawyers are using, “Windows” should not be trademarked, as almost every OS has them. Besides, there’s thousands of alternatives, they don’t need the “App Store” trademark.

    But no one at Microsoft is imaginative enough to come up with a different name. Microsoft is in the business of imitation, not innovation. 

  • Matti


  • breck

     christoph makes a very good point…   

    apple has already established a precedence by including their applications folder in their operating system – commonly referred to (among developers and many end users) as the apps folder. see image >

    microsoft has already established their precedence by including the programs folder in their operating system – commonly referred to (among developers and many end users) as the programs folder. see image >

  • Peco_pei

    The statement mentions toy store and book store, but those words are not abbreviated words so what Microsoft et al are selling are “applications” so their stores should be called “applications store” I was under the impression that “apps” is an apple coined word so they should be allowed the protect it. But knowing the european courts they will side with Microsoft on grounds of human rights or some such nonsense.

  • Usmm

    Android calls theirs the  “android marketplace”…that’s creative enough, why can’t other companies come up with their own names? “Microsoft Software Center” or “mini windows center” or something like that. Come on guys, it’s easy to see when everyone is just copying. Lets see some innovation people!

  • silta – Juan Tatay

     What the hell was an “app” before apple popularize the term …???

  • Robert X

    You mean like nobody can own ‘Windows’ as well? How two-faced.

  • nizy

    The important thing with a trademark is that it is designed to protect a name or logo. Being generic is irrelevant (as others have pointed out, MS has trademarks for Office and Windows, both more generic than app store), it’s the brand that is being protected. On top of that, the name only became a generic term only after the success Apple had. Seriously who would have said app store in a conversation prior to its launch? That in my opinion is something that deserves to be protected.

    If I were Apple legal, I’d commission an independent survey to be carried out on the streets, that asks 1 simple question: when you hear the term ‘app store’ what or who do you associate it with? If more than 50% say Apple or iPhone or iPad (which I bet would be the case) then that more than justifies the trademark.

  • Alistair H.

    If the term “App Store” is wrong and can’t be a trademark, then how come “Windows” is a trademarking term ?

  • Barton Lynch

     I agree with you, App Store is totally generic. Apple is being crazy here, even though I love them haha

  • Cgs101

    the term “app store” can only belong to Apple; it can only be attributed to Apple. If it weren’t for them even the term “app” wouldn’t be used as is today. This is so crystal clear, it shouldn’t even go to court.